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24 September. 2014

Continuing with the work on my new blog which is slowly getting a bit easier now that I better understand the many quirks it has. Have been slowly working my way through all the old postings and uploading them, I doubt this will save me time in the longer term but it should make things a lot more convenient which is important as I may have another thirty years of blogging left in me!

Failed to do any training again which is deeply unimpressive and I must try to get a grip of myself. Lorena is right when she observes that I get very wrapped up in individual projects to the exclusion of other things and my work on this new blog is another excellent example of this. The problem is it becomes very hard to change your basic personality after a certain point but I do need to make more of an effort.

Sir Bradley Wiggins stormed to victory in the World TT Championships in Spain today and I really enjoyed watching it. I certainly didn’t expect him to beat Tony Martin by almost 30 seconds but that is exactly what did happen, Martin was second. Stunning thing to do in what Wiggins said was his final World TT Championship, I just wonder if he might find it hard to resist defending his title in 2015 once he has got used to wearing those rainbow stripes?

Tried some of the sunflower seed bread I bought when Holland & Barrett had run out of rye bread and very nice it is too, I shall probably buy both types from here on for a bit of variety.

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Twitter Updated: September 23, 2014 at 11:11PM @evernote @postachio Hugely disappointing experience with Have found the sync arrangements unreliable++, abandoned.

Twitter Updated: September 23, 2014 at 11:34PM @evernotehelps @postachio To be honest I've given up. Really bad experience, proved to be totally unreliable, impossible to recommend

Twitter Updated: September 23, 2014 at 11:35PM @evernotehelps @postachio The Evernote side of things is just excellent which I why I wanted to use but it's hopeless.

Twitter Updated: September 23, 2014 at 11:37PM @evernotehelps @postachio Some notes sync and publish, others do not, unpredictably. Had hoped to migrate from Blogger but too unreliable.

Twitter Updated: September 23, 2014 at 11:39PM @evernotehelps @postachio ZERO problems syncing @evernote material between machines, sync to Postachio hugely problematical, support poor.

Facebook Updated: September 24, 2014 at 01:49AM It's been a struggle and it's far from over but not long ago I decided to close down the Blogger blog (Leading The Tour) that I've had running since 2006 and move to a different platform. This was never going to be easy and getting all my postings into Evernote was a task on it's own. When I have uploaded all my previous postings to the new platform I will be able to continue with the blog but I will then be able to write all my posts and publish them from within Evernote and will also therefore have simple access to all the material I now store in there. The new platform looks very clean and basic without loads of frills and for me will be much better. I'm sick of having different systems for this and that and this is just another step in making things simpler and less complicated in the longer term, though it's not been a simple process!

Facebook Updated: BBC News - Ed Miliband insists deficit is 'priority' despite forgetting it in speech The Labour leader admits leaving out a part of his conference speech about the deficit but insists he covered his plans for economy. If you take a relaxed approach to this kind of thing what else are you relaxed about Milly? What a fool.

Facebook Updated: BBC News - Day out at the gallows and other Victorian photographic oddities Lined up for a family photograph, Victorians often looked grim and staid - people from another era. But forgotten photos reveal they were often more modern than we think. This will be recognised by anyone from around these parts, good old Winter's Gibbet hits the BBC!

Twitter Updated: September 24, 2014 at 01:43PM @tyabblemons @postachio For example, on the blog: there is a recent video. I've deleted the note but it remains!

Twitter Updated: September 24, 2014 at 03:57PM RT @Doctor_Hutch: Wiggins first to win Tour, track Olympic titles, road Olympic title, and a world road title. #Ponferrada2014

Bradley Wiggins - Doping Accusations

So, the horrible, generally anonymous, accusations about Bradley Wiggins continue, I just don't get it. David Millar won yesterday's stage in fine form, presumably since he was well ahead of Wiggins and co he must have gone back to his old ways and be cheating again? Of course he isn't, no more than Wiggins is.

It just staggers me how people keep coming up with this rubbish about Wiggins and Froome even when on the same stages others are covering the ground more quickly than they are. Why is nobody saying that Andre Grieipel must be cheating, he NEVER wins 3 stages so he MUST be cheating? How about Peter Sagan, where has he come from to win three tour stages? Why are these people not cheating, surely if Wiggins is they must be to suddenly perform this well? I'm sure they aren't, and nor are Wiggins and Froome.

I say again that what we are seeing is a playing field that is a lot more level than it has been for years, and about time too.

Bradley Wiggins On Doping - The Telegraph

I think Bradley Wiggins has thought about all this long and hard over the last few days and his words in The Telegraph are not the words of a cheat and a doper. These are the words of a man who has bust his gut to get where he is who would definitely rather lose than cheat. I must confess though that I'd rather read this than have him swearing all the time but I guess the latter comes with the package! :-)

Bradley Wiggins Doping Suggestions - Interest Level

This has simply staggered me. On my weblog I have a little program which keep a tally of who has visited and how they got there. So, it lists where the visitor came from and what they have searched for to bring them to the weblog.

In this image the text in purple is the search string people have entered into their search engine to bring them to my blog. This has really shocked me, with no evidence whatsoever this just illustrates how intense the interest is in finding a doping scandal in Team Sky, truly shocking, and this is just a few entries from the last hour or so, they are coming in all the time!

Bradley Wiggins - Doping Suggestions II

They are at it again, the largely anonymous mob of people who just can't believe that anyone can do well in their sport without cheating, once again Bradley Wiggins has had to "defend" himself against suggestions of cheating which have no foundation whatsoever.

I find this really really sad. I honestly think cheats should be rooted out and the full force of the law turned on them but to hound someone who has done nothing wrong, it's just outrageous.

Why the hell is it Ok to suggest that someone is cheating when they ride over the same mountains as the other riders and arrive at the finish line at about the same time but those other riders are not the subject of the same accusations.

It just stinks to me, give these Sky riders a break, they may be adopting a different approach to getting ready for this race which is bearing fruit but they sure as hell aren't cheats. Here are my thoughts on this after today's stage:

Bradley Wiggins - Doping Suggestions

There has been much written today about Bradley Wiggins' outburst at the suggestion that he and others might be using some form of illegal performance enhancing methods. I find the suggestion utterly outrageous and so just for the record I thought I would have my say, here is the result if anyone is interested.

Bradley Wiggins - Doping Accusations

There is no doubt that Bradley Wiggins' success is linked to doping, but not in the way some morons are putting forward. The simple fact is that Bradley Wiggins and the whole of the Sky team are clean, what has changed is that the cheats who have previously been at the forefront of cycling can no longer get away with the vile practices they have used in the past and we are now seeing them for what they are.

Things are different because the playing field is more level and Wiggins and his team mates have just trained harder and better. I also have no doubt that Cadel Evans is clean. The dopers are now struggling, now that they no longer have free rein to abuse drugs and things are not going all their own way, and they don't like it.

The biological passport has it's flaws but it is a powerful weapon and it has been a force for good.

Chapeau Wiggo!