There is no doubt that Bradley Wiggins' success is linked to doping, but not in the way some morons are putting forward. The simple fact is that Bradley Wiggins and the whole of the Sky team are clean, what has changed is that the cheats who have previously been at the forefront of cycling can no longer get away with the vile practices they have used in the past and we are now seeing them for what they are.

Things are different because the playing field is more level and Wiggins and his team mates have just trained harder and better. I also have no doubt that Cadel Evans is clean. The dopers are now struggling, now that they no longer have free rein to abuse drugs and things are not going all their own way, and they don't like it.

The biological passport has it's flaws but it is a powerful weapon and it has been a force for good.

Chapeau Wiggo!