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05 October 2014

As expected had a small rebound weight gain after the large drop and went back up by a pound today. No big deal, had quite a feast yesterday and also didn’t go out walking so there will be an increased storage of glycogen with it’s associated water, this will be easily and quickly reversed. Perfectly happy with still being 2.5lbs down on my start weight, all going in the right direction.

Decided to have a quick look at car hire options to add a different dimension to our upcoming trip and it actually looks very reasonable. There are always the extras to protect this and protect that but the headline cost of £86 for an 18 day trip is well worth considering. On this trip we will be self catering as an experiment so a little runaround would be great for the local shopping and would enable us to really get all over the island and cart a decent video camera around too.

Sorting out a hire car turned out to be a right pain in the backside because there were "system problems" at the Jet2 end which meant that they were not able to access booking details etc. They ended up ringing me back when things were sorted out and we now have a hire car, who knows how it will work out but it wil be a different experience. On this basis I am going to take some decent video gear over with me and when we are out and about I will make shooting some material a priority, too good an opportunity to miss.

Bought a set of WarmCards the other day which I’m hoping will help me get better control of white balance in my video recordings in particular so this trip would potentially be the ideal place to give these a try. As always I am going to fail miserably when it comes down to traveling light but such is life, Lorena is very tolerant!

Nice relaxing evening after a lovely dinner and then the weekly pleasure of Downton Abbey which we always enjoy. Definitely been spending too much time on the computer recently and I'm looking forward to spending a whole lot more time outdoors over the next few weeks, should be good.

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Twitter Updated: October 05, 2014 at 05:20PM @postachio Everything "on the roadmap" is something to annoy users. Currently I'm a step down from Blogger having lost search + navigation.

01 October 2014

Off to a good start on the weight management front with a drop from yesterday's weight of 1.4lbs which is good. Always going to be plenty of day to day variation and it's the long term trend I'm interested in but hey, the scales are there so I may as well hop on them and capture the information!

On the subject of weighing there are two camps really, those who say weigh weekly or fortnightly and those who say weigh every day. There is actually quite good evidence that daily weighing helps with long term weight management so that's why I do it. The problem, as we all know, is that when we start to gain weight the first thing we do is to stop weighing ourselves!

Out for a nice walk this morning with Lorena, not such a nice day as yesterday but still not cold and still dry. Walked up to Brizlee Tower today for the first time for a good while which was nice, had hoped to find some toadstools but there were surprisingly few about, maybe because of the surprisingly dry weather.

After lunch decided to copy a programme I'd saved to a DVD, it was an interesting CH4 documentary called "The World's Best Diet". Having finalised the disc I discovered that there was no sound, damn it. Traced the problem I think to a loose cable on the back of the player, no idea how that happened but at least I think it is the problem, will find out when I try to re-record it. The annoying thing is that when I checked a previous recording that was also without sound and the original has now been deleted so that is lost. Real shame that as it was "Cycling's Greatest Fraud" about Lance Armstrong, hopefully it will be on again at some point and I can capture it again.

Now that I have everything sorted out I'm quite enjoying the process of converting my daily diary notes into a weblog posting, miles easier than having a different blogging platform, makes things so much simpler. I have it in the back of my mind to go back into some of the material I have saved in Evernote in the past and see what I can find that's worth posting to the weblog, I'm sure that there will be material in there that people would be interested in.

Spent a bit of time this evening trying to add Disqus commenting to my weblog. I’m sure I’ve done everything correctly but for some reason nothing has appeared on the weblog where folks could leave any comments. Don’t really understand what is going on and am hoping that there is perhaps some sort of a delay so planning to just leave it and see what happens rather than waste any time with it. Always possible I guess that something got broken with the latest upgrade, time will tell.

Sent the following message to the folks at, hopefully I will get a reply that I can share with others: “Hi, followed all the instructions in your video to add Disqus commenting to my weblog but no joy. All seems to be properly set up and is showing as connected to Disqus but nothing showing on the weblog to allow people to comment, any suggestions? Something broken?"

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Twitter Updated: October 01, 2014 at 06:57AM #Nike advertising in the sky over Alnwick? :-)

Twitter Updated: October 01, 2014 at 07:33AM @MissB6_2 trying to message you re Postachio and Evernote but the website contact form seems to be down. I have some queries, can you help?

Twitter Updated: October 01, 2014 at 07:50AM @MissB6_2 Ah, sorry, just assumed it was on the basis that you were singing it's praises! Thanks for getting back!

Twitter Updated: October 01, 2014 at 07:53AM @MissB6_2 Sorry about the resends, the site gives a constant "busy" icon but never actually says that something has been sent! :-)

Twitter Updated: October 01, 2014 at 10:20AM @MissB6_2 Same position I was in. I decided to just jump and get all my previous posts into the system and see where that took me!

Twitter Updated: October 01, 2014 at 10:21AM @MissB6_2 The lack of search and navigation as @Postachio currently stands is a big problem for anyone wanting to use the system seriously.

Twitter Updated: October 01, 2014 at 08:37PM Adding Disqus commenting to my @postachio blog. Think I've done everything correctly but no commenting options appearing so far :-(

Twitter Updated: October 01, 2014 at 08:41PM @RealChrisPowell The patient's knees are giving way too. Shame the image, unlike MRI, doesn't show intra-abdominal and epicardial fat.

30 September 2014

Pleased to wake up this morning with the weblog scheme behind me so that I can get back to a more active life. That project really consumed me for a little while and I'm glad it's over and done with but I don't regret the time I've spent on it because I am pleased with the end result.

Made a much better start to the day today and got myself out for a good walk, out for 2-3 hours and felt better for it. Today was the most amazing Autumn day, beautifully warm and sunny with hardly a breath of wind, definitely not a day for sitting in front of the computer!

We enjoyed our usual pleasant leisurely lunch and spent a relaxing afternoon doing nothing much in particular. Lorena for various reasons missed out on this morning's walk so we decided to go out for another hour before our evening meal. Walked about another four miles through the fields locally which was lovely, stil very warm, just like a midsummer's evening.

Have decided to take myself in hand and make a much more determined effort to shed a few pounds and I will share my progress here. I'm not planning to post my absolute weight for all the world to laugh at so will be posting my relative weight and today is zero pounds, I will post my results either positively or negatively relative to today.

My weight loss plan is simple, I am going to set myself a target of two hours of exercise a day which will be either walking or cycling. If this were all walking the calorie consumption for that level of exercise would be something in the order of 800 calories. Using that as a foundation I will manage my calorie intake to aim for a calorie deficit of about 500-600 calories per day, this should result in my losing about a pound a week.

If this all goes to plan my objective is to have lost about ten pounds by Christmas which is about 12 weeks away so that should be possible, even allowing for a few inevitable slip-ups.

Successful day on the eating, drinking and exercise fronts today so hopefully this is the beginning of a steady movement in the right direction. No, it IS the beginning of a steady movement in the right direction!

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Twitter Updated: September 30, 2014 at 12:31AM @tyabblemons Yes, everything going back to 2008 is now migrated and also safely in Evernote, it all started off on Blogger.

Twitter Updated: September 30, 2014 at 03:44PM @postachio I hope my comments were useful, my hope was that they would inform others considering this platform and help them avoid problems.

Twitter Updated: September 30, 2014 at 03:45PM @postachio I think the bottom line is that if these issues in particular cannot be resolved the true potential will never be realised.

Twitter Updated: September 30, 2014 at 03:47PM @postachio Something else which niggles at the back of my mind is the possibility of the service becoming subscription only.