So, the horrible, generally anonymous, accusations about Bradley Wiggins continue, I just don't get it. David Millar won yesterday's stage in fine form, presumably since he was well ahead of Wiggins and co he must have gone back to his old ways and be cheating again? Of course he isn't, no more than Wiggins is.

It just staggers me how people keep coming up with this rubbish about Wiggins and Froome even when on the same stages others are covering the ground more quickly than they are. Why is nobody saying that Andre Grieipel must be cheating, he NEVER wins 3 stages so he MUST be cheating? How about Peter Sagan, where has he come from to win three tour stages? Why are these people not cheating, surely if Wiggins is they must be to suddenly perform this well? I'm sure they aren't, and nor are Wiggins and Froome.

I say again that what we are seeing is a playing field that is a lot more level than it has been for years, and about time too.