They are at it again, the largely anonymous mob of people who just can't believe that anyone can do well in their sport without cheating, once again Bradley Wiggins has had to "defend" himself against suggestions of cheating which have no foundation whatsoever.

I find this really really sad. I honestly think cheats should be rooted out and the full force of the law turned on them but to hound someone who has done nothing wrong, it's just outrageous.

Why the hell is it Ok to suggest that someone is cheating when they ride over the same mountains as the other riders and arrive at the finish line at about the same time but those other riders are not the subject of the same accusations.

It just stinks to me, give these Sky riders a break, they may be adopting a different approach to getting ready for this race which is bearing fruit but they sure as hell aren't cheats. Here are my thoughts on this after today's stage: