Uploaded this last night, not often you get to see FOUR bulls all together in a field!

Day 2 and Another 0.2lbs down on yesterday so down by 1.6lbs since day zero, hardly setting the world on fire but heading in the right direction. I normally drop several pounds in week one when I start this kind of process so I remain optimistic and so far my willpower is holding up!

Sent this to Postach.io: "I've no problem embedding Flickr slideshows in my blog which works fine. My problem is that because they are flash based the slideshows cannot be viewed on an iPad, which is probably what a lot of views would be on. Is there any way I can get around this, other than telling people to use a "proper" computer. Is there another way to post slides? Is SlideShare the answer?" Received a reply which indicates that this is an issue they were not aware of or hadn’t considered, it will be interesting to see if there are any ways around this.

Lady complaining loudly about not being able to take a dog into Hulne Park, saying something about only a small percentage of people being able to use the park if it can only be used by people without dogs! I think it's just nice to be able to walk somewhere without being exposed to piles of dog excrement which has not been picked up, or has been put in plastic bags and dumped, it's one of the reasons I like going there!

Enjoyed my walk today and shot some more video clips as a reminder of just what a fantastic day it has been, I was walking around in just a T-Shirt which is almost unheard of at this time of year up in the North East of the UK. When I say "just a T-Shirt", I was of course wearing the usual trousers etc. :-)

Quick bite to eat and then off out to make a couple of audio recordings for The Alnwick Clarinet Trio which Lorena plays in with a couple of her friends. Enjoyable little session, then had some fun and games with GarageBand pulling the stuff together. Problem is I don’t use that package very often so I just forget most of the commands so these things take me far longer than they really should.

Been a good day on the food front I think, pretty sure I’ve stayed within the sort of calorie intake I should be hitting, certainly not binged on stuff that’s for sure! The scales never lie anyway, we shall see what truths they reveal in the morning.

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Facebook Updated: October 02, 2014 at 08:17AM Ordered some WarmCards. Looking forward to experimenting with them :-)