As expected had a small rebound weight gain after the large drop and went back up by a pound today. No big deal, had quite a feast yesterday and also didn’t go out walking so there will be an increased storage of glycogen with it’s associated water, this will be easily and quickly reversed. Perfectly happy with still being 2.5lbs down on my start weight, all going in the right direction.

Decided to have a quick look at car hire options to add a different dimension to our upcoming trip and it actually looks very reasonable. There are always the extras to protect this and protect that but the headline cost of £86 for an 18 day trip is well worth considering. On this trip we will be self catering as an experiment so a little runaround would be great for the local shopping and would enable us to really get all over the island and cart a decent video camera around too.

Sorting out a hire car turned out to be a right pain in the backside because there were "system problems" at the Jet2 end which meant that they were not able to access booking details etc. They ended up ringing me back when things were sorted out and we now have a hire car, who knows how it will work out but it wil be a different experience. On this basis I am going to take some decent video gear over with me and when we are out and about I will make shooting some material a priority, too good an opportunity to miss.

Bought a set of WarmCards the other day which I’m hoping will help me get better control of white balance in my video recordings in particular so this trip would potentially be the ideal place to give these a try. As always I am going to fail miserably when it comes down to traveling light but such is life, Lorena is very tolerant!

Nice relaxing evening after a lovely dinner and then the weekly pleasure of Downton Abbey which we always enjoy. Definitely been spending too much time on the computer recently and I'm looking forward to spending a whole lot more time outdoors over the next few weeks, should be good.

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