Pleased to wake up this morning with the weblog scheme behind me so that I can get back to a more active life. That project really consumed me for a little while and I'm glad it's over and done with but I don't regret the time I've spent on it because I am pleased with the end result.

Made a much better start to the day today and got myself out for a good walk, out for 2-3 hours and felt better for it. Today was the most amazing Autumn day, beautifully warm and sunny with hardly a breath of wind, definitely not a day for sitting in front of the computer!

We enjoyed our usual pleasant leisurely lunch and spent a relaxing afternoon doing nothing much in particular. Lorena for various reasons missed out on this morning's walk so we decided to go out for another hour before our evening meal. Walked about another four miles through the fields locally which was lovely, stil very warm, just like a midsummer's evening.

Have decided to take myself in hand and make a much more determined effort to shed a few pounds and I will share my progress here. I'm not planning to post my absolute weight for all the world to laugh at so will be posting my relative weight and today is zero pounds, I will post my results either positively or negatively relative to today.

My weight loss plan is simple, I am going to set myself a target of two hours of exercise a day which will be either walking or cycling. If this were all walking the calorie consumption for that level of exercise would be something in the order of 800 calories. Using that as a foundation I will manage my calorie intake to aim for a calorie deficit of about 500-600 calories per day, this should result in my losing about a pound a week.

If this all goes to plan my objective is to have lost about ten pounds by Christmas which is about 12 weeks away so that should be possible, even allowing for a few inevitable slip-ups.

Successful day on the eating, drinking and exercise fronts today so hopefully this is the beginning of a steady movement in the right direction. No, it IS the beginning of a steady movement in the right direction!

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