This Was The Plan

Circular route riding on a mixture of larger roads and narrow rural lanes which are a beautiful feature of cycling in Majorca. The plan is for this route to be ridden at a brisk tempo with the first stop of the day being for a coffee and a snack at Petra, at approximately 90 minutes.

Riding through the lanes through Sineu, Llubi and Sa Pobla there will later be the opportunity for a further stop though we may leave this until later in the ride or even at the ride finish. This ride will take something in the region of three hours and 30 minutes and starting and finishing the ride early will allow plenty of time for relaxation and recovery for the following day.

This Was The Reality

Three of us, Myself and Graeme and Craig Gow set off early at 08:30 and made good time down to our scheduled stop in Petra, we arrived there around 75 minutes after leaving The Duva having averaged 21mph for this segment, and it felt like it 😃

After a break we were soon on our way sticking to the scheduled route and we arrived back at the end of just over 60 miles, we were back at The Duva by 12:15 ready to begin our recovery after what was an excellent training ride. The overall average for the 60 miles as 20mph which was excellent, the session delivered exactly what it was intended to deliver.

Longer ride scheduled (70+ miles) for tomorrow and the overall planned pace is lower with the main training elements for the day being one long climb with the remainder of the ride ridden at a steady tempo with the focus on efficient group riding. Weather forecast for tomorrow is improving, today was pretty chilly and cloudy with a brisk gusting wind throughout which never seemed helpful!

Great day!