Time for one of the regular higher intensity sessions included in the winter plan. Today I had scheduled a mini interval session made up of 15 30 second efforts at 128% of FTP split into a block of 5 and then a block of 10. I had 5 minutes recovery between blocks and 30 second recoveries between individual efforts.

These sessions are never easy particularly as they begin with about 45 minutes at around 200W to take away the initial freshness. However, once I got into the meat of the session I felt I coped very nicely with the efforts and could definitely have continued. I'm pretty confident now that I could complete a session like this made up of 2 blocks of 10 and there is a .erg file for this purpose in the library, I'll have to dust it off :-)

So, all very satisfactory. I took another baseline blood lactate measurement at the end of the last of the efforts and the reading today was 4.9 mmol/l which I had expected to be higher and which was again very encouraging. I suspect that the training I've been doing has certainly improved my lactate clearance capability as at one time after a session like this the reading would have been well over 6mmol/l.

After today the rest of this week is not too taxing and I'm feeling good, certainly less tired than at the same time last year, not digging a deep TSB hole for myself at this time of year seems to be working well for me.

Onward to Paris.

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ATL: 60.2 CTL: 64 TSB: 4.6

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