Week four of the ErgVideo Training Plan generated by the Training Advisor Tool is now completed and it's been another challenging one. The data generated from the week's workouts has been entered into the Training Plan Spreadsheet and if you are interested you can look to see how things are shaping up, just open the graphs using the tabs at the bottom of the sheet.

As you can see the overall TSS for this week has dropped significantly, just 357.4 this week compared to last week's 417 but this isn't the whole story, not all TSS scores are equal. As you can see there was actually quite a bit of threshold training, a total of 85.6 minutes of the total training time. There were again two scheduled threshold sesions this week, both at 100% of FTP, which I don't enjoy.

Here is a summary of the power and heart rate distributions for the week, in power terms a pretty even distribution between Levels 1-4:

The average weekly training heart rate this week was also higher than previous weeks, at 139. So this, in spite of the apparently reduced volume and TSS, has not been an easy week. Well, 4 weeks out of 20 done so I'm 20% of the way through. Next week looks to include two threshold sessions again, one of which is an FTP test and the other is longer then previously. On top of that I have the climbs of Hautacam and the Port de Pailheres to contend with, entertainment aplenty in week 5!