I decided that over this winter I would try doing as much of my training as possible using the ErgVideo system developed by Paul Smeulders. One of the main reasons for this is that I have a good selection of ErgVideos and I reckoned that this would be a good use of them and I am hoping that this approach would keep me motivated over the winter months.

I've used the ErgVideo Coach Tool in the past and taught myself to draw up plans of my own but this time I thought I would experiment with a plan generated by Paul's Training Advisor Tool which looks at the videos you have in your library and then draws up a plan based on data that you enter into a simple web page.

Anyway, I downloaded my plan which you can view using this link and I am now in week 2 of the plan and all is going well so far. This is an incredibly slick arrangement for following a plan, I simply click on the link in the plan for the appropriate day in the plan, review and accept or modify the session and then the ErgVideo3 package on my computer is automatically configured to deliver the scheduled ErgVideo workout and all I have to do is ride and watch the scenery go by.

The plan is in it's early stages so far and I am sure it will get a whole lot harder but you can see from the plan that today being the 29th of September I climbed the Col du Soulor at an easy pace. I'll continue to work my way through the plan day by day and see where it takes me.

The power and heart rate distributions for the first week of the plan (5 training sessions) are shown below for interest, plenty of endurance and tempo intensity work: