Yes, I'm afraid it's that time of year and the session I know and love has returned to take it's toll, the 2x20 threshold session at 91-105% of FTP. It's not the 100% parts of the session that are the fun and games, it's the 100-105% sections and then having to "recover" from them whilst still riding at above 90%

Anyhow, the session went well and this is without doubt the result of all that has gone before in terms of L3 and SST work, I'm making steady progress. Things are pretty difficult on the training front at the moment as I'm afraid my Mum is still in hospital but I'm just hoping for the best and doing what I can to help.

I continued my blood lactate studies today and recorded a benchmark figure for this L4 session. At the end of the 2nd 20 minute 91-105% effort my blood lactate reading was 5.8mmol/l which is where I would expect it to be, a little lower if anything.

This does at least confirm that I am working at the correct intensity for this session. Given the stochastic nature of the 20 minute efforts I would think for an isopower 100% 20 minute effort the reading may well be significantly lower, which is encouraging.

Average power for each effort around 300W.

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