Decided last night to switch from the AeroBed to a more conventional self inflating mattress and had a much better nights sleep as a result of the change. This was actually quite a useful direct comparison as there was no doubt whatsoever that though firmer the self inflating mattress was an awful lot warmer than the AeroBed. I'd always imagined that a thick air mattress would be warmer but it seems that the cold air in the mattress remains cold as a result of being in contact with the ground and that there is very limited insulation between this large pocket of air and the sleeper. This experience has definitely made up my mind that the self inflating mattresses or a better bet, for me at any rate, than the AeroBed went camping.

Unfortunately today once again dawned overcast and damp and as things turned out it rained on and off for the vast majority of the day, the only thing that varied much was the intensity of the rain! It's actually been quite surprising to discover that inspired of the relatively poor weather we have been having our spirits have not dipped even though we have not been able to achieve, in walking terms, much of what we had planned to do. I am sad that so far I have not been able to make the video recordings that I had planned and unless the weather takes a serious turn for the better in the next few days it looks as if the recordings will have to wait until a future visit. It would be a shame if that proved to be the case as I had been looking forward to putting the material together over the next few months but what will be will be.

Over the last few days we have struck up a friendship with a very nice Dutch couple, Herman and Anique, who are camped fairly close by. It's been nice chatting to them About their past travelling experiences and comparing our general experiences of life. There is no doubt that on this kind of holiday you tend to meet up with some very interesting characters who have fascinating tales to tell. I hope that over time we will keep in touch with this couple as we seem to share many common interests.

Because of the weather much of the day was spent pottering around camp, chatting with our neighbours, reading and generally having a nice relaxing time. Having finished Michael Hutchinson's book I've now moved on to another cycling book entitled “Bad Blood" written by Jeremy Whittle. I seem to remember that I got partway through this book some while ago but never actually finished it, it's a fascinating account of doping in the Tour de France, a subject which is of great interest to many cyclists.

So, another day draws to a damp but enjoyable close, probably one of the most relaxing holidays we have certainly from a personal point of view it has come at just the right time following as it has the rigours of the 2 long time trials I recently wrote. Hopefully we'll be going back fully rejuvenated and ready for whatever comes our way.