According to the weather forecast in the tourist office in Kandersteg today was going to be a wet one and so it proved to be. The whole valley was filled with thick grey cloud and none of the mountain peaks were visible, certainly not a day to be out walking in the mountains and given my desire to take photographs and make video recordings this was definitely one to simply write off.

Spent pretty much all of the day pottering about the campsite, I managed to read a another large chunk of Michael Hutchinson's “The Hour", a book which I enjoyed greatly 1st time round and am enjoying just as much at this visit.

Apart from being very very cloudy and miserable it rained heavily on and off for the whole day and the Samara 400 continues to perform brilliantly. I highly recommend this tent, the rain we've had here over the last 24 hours must be pretty much as heavy as it gets and I would certainly have no qualms whatsoever taking this turned over to the English Lake District.

I'm continuing to have problems with the AeroBed I'm using which in spite of having checked the valves and still deflating slowly overnight which is irritating. I think I'm better probably end up reverting to one of the self inflating mattresses we brought on the trip as a backup plan but I'll persevere with the AeroBed for another night or so for now. The problems with the AeroBed came particularly to the fore tonight as the temperature dropped really quite dramatically and we both had to bring into service the secondary lightweight sleeping bags we had brought with us for this purpose. If it gets much colder still have a few extra layers we can deploy if need be but if the forecast is to be believed that shouldn't be necessary. Must admit this is the 1st time I've slept in 2 sleeping bags at the same time on a summer holiday!