Another nice day and this morning we opted to just generally loaf around and pick up a few supplies in the village as we were running a little bit low on some of the basics. Wandered into town, visited the bank, check the weather forecast and generally did the sort of things which constitute a relaxing holiday.

After a light alfresco lunch decided to get the Bromptons out and take a ride up to the Sunnbuel cable car station just for a little bit of exercise which was quite fun. As usual following any lengthy journey I had to do a bit of fiddling with the gear adjustments on the Bromptons as for some reason they always seem to manage to change their adjustment slightly. I may be doing the bikes and injustice actually as the readjustment may have been needed because of recently having had some Schwalbe Marathon tyres fitted which I'm hoping will avoid the puncture issues that arose in Majorca. It's worth noting that I have found the standard rim tape fitted to the Brompton to be absolutely useless and at the same time as the new tyres were fitted we had some Schwalbe adhesive rim tape fitted which hopefully will prove to be far superior and trouble-free.

People come and go at the campsite which is nice, there is a constantly changing scene but this is definitely be one of the more relaxing qualities that Lorena and I have ever spent. It has come as a considerable surprise that the aches and pains that often seem to plague Lorena when we are at home to a great extent evaporated. Neither of us are able to readily explain this but there has certainly been something about this holiday that has been very beneficial and which I'm sure will cause us to make similar trips in the future.

Holidays like this do you want and have time to think things through and to consider plans for the future. For a number of years Lorena and I had firmly believed that our future plans would involve the purchase of a campervan and that such a vehicle would be used for extended trips. The success of this camping trip has led us to reconsider that and it may well be that for several years at least trips of this nature will be our choice and whether or not we will go down the campervan route in the future remains a decision yet to be taken. I think it is probably likely that in the short and medium term we will elect to take longer trips with a fixed camping base which we will use to explore the surrounding area rather than constantly being on the move in a camper van.

It has been interesting being camped where we are, we have found ourselves in a very peaceful environment where there is little noise and little going on. In contrast the area of this campsite where the camper vans are parked is in comparison far more cramped and there will inevitably be more to-ing and fro-ing in that area it's being close to the restaurant and other campsite facilities. Anyway this holiday has certainly given us food for thought and has opened up new opportunities and options. If nothing else a two-week camping stay in Switzerland has worked out to be a very cost-effective and enjoyable holiday and in the 1st 4 to 5 days alone we more than paid for the equipment we invested in prior to the trip all of which we now have available to us for future trips at home and abroad.