The weather continues to be dreadful, snow again today so it's 45 minutes of power in lieu of a long ride. Based on Bill Black's "Hour of Power" this is never an easy session and trains me to work hard for long periods with no proper recovery periods. The majority of the session is ridden at around 265-275W with 30 second surges up to about 350W every 3 minutes.

By the end of the session you aren't really looking forward to the surges very much but they come and go, all 13 of them :-)

Continuing with the lactate studies and at the end of this session my blood lactate reading was 3.2mmol/l which I was very pleased with. This suggests strongly to me that after riding at this intensity, including 350W surges, I was still in a steady state in terms of blood lactate which is excellent.

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