Today I rode on the VeloTron for the second time with the Brooks B17 Imperial saddle fitted and though the saddle was not wildly uncomfortable I am becoming increasingly convinced that the saddle is faulty. As you could see from the previous picture posted on Saturday 7th April 2012 the leather upper appears to have been fitted asymmetrically and looking at the saddle after today's ride it now appears to be "sagging" on the left hand side which is the side where the saddle leather has been fitted lower when viewed from the front.

The result of just over 2 hours of total use of the saddle, when viewed from behind as in the photograph below, is that the left hand side of the saddle is deforming downwards in relation to the right. I guess one possible explanation might be that my backside is wonky but to be honest if that was the case I think other saddles would have shown some sign of this over the years! The other reason I do not feel that this is the explanation is the fact that the leather upper at the saddle nose is so off being straight which surely cannot be how it is supposed to be.

I've also included a photo of the nose of Lorena's saddle which you can see also exhibits asymmetry of manufacture though it is less marked than on my own. I've not yet heard from Brooks but it has been the Easter weekend, I hope to have something to report on this in the next few days.

My saddle, viewed from the rear, note how after only 2 hours of use the saddle is deforming downwards on the left side.

Lorena's saddle, note asymmetry of the leather at the saddle nose.