I have been intending for some time to set up a decent home indoor training setup which I could also use to ride with others and which would allow Lorena and I to train together with each rider riding at an intensity scaled to their own FTP. Indoor training alone all the time can get pretty tedious and I reckoned this would be a good setup to have in place before the winter arrives.

I have finally got it all sorted out and I now have two CompuTrainers and a VELOtron installed in my partitioned off single garage, I needed to keep some space to store the gardening gear so I couldn’t use up the whole garage!

I will primarily be running the ErgVideo and PerfPRO Studio systems both of which are excellent platforms and I might make the occasional foray onto Zwift Island for a change of scene.

The floor space in the MiniStudio is only 2.5x3.5m so it’s been quite a challenge to get three riding stations, ventilation etc. in there but all in all it’s worked out really well and I think it’s going to transform my training. As you will see in the video I have various items of testing equipment available and I can perform a pretty wide range of basic tests, certainly enough valuable data to set most riders on the right track in terms of their training.

I reckon if I put my mind to it I could run an indoor training camp!