Well we have just returned from our latest trip to Majorca which was planned as a cycling and walking holiday to try to delay the onset of the Winter blues for as long as possible.

Unfortunately, right at the start of our holiday, Lorena badly injured her foot and ended up in a below knee backslab which was a huge shame. This development severely restricted what we could do on our holiday but nonetheless we made every effort to make the best of things, fortunately we had a hire car which as least kept us mobile up to a point. The Aparthotel Duva loaned us a wheelchair so this and the crutches from the hospital at least helped us maintain a degree of mobility.

This development obviously restricted the length of time that I could reasonably spend out cycling but at least some cycling was done and I think I’ve made a few early steps along the road to a return to something resembling fitness but I have an awful long way to go.

One of the most important things that we learned on this holiday, assuming that things were reasonably representative, was that October is actually an excellent time to visit Majorca. The weather was lovely and warm, in fact it was too hot on a couple of occasions, and during our stay, which was well over two weeks, it only rained once and that was only for a very short period.

At this time of year there are excellent deals to be found in terms of accommodation and we were amazed how cheaply we managed to hire a car at this time of year, we paid approximately 25% of the usual Summer rate when we booked. I think having a hire car available, ideally sharing the cost between a small group, is a big advantage especially if you are self catering which we were for this trip.

I do have to mention my cycling experience which was once again excellent. The motorists were considerate and patient which I have always found to be the case. Not once during our stay was I subjected to the blast of a horn, a yell of abuse, or any vehicle coming even close to me. Apart from the weather and the countryside it is worth going to Majorca for a cycling holiday just to experience what a pleasure it can be and I thank the Majorcan motorists for their good nature and consideration, maybe many of them are cyclists themselves, or know someone who is.

In contrast with my experiences of cycling in Majorca I come home to read this and this, what a disgrace the UK is in terms of the way it treats vulnerable road users.

I would definitely return to Majorca at this time of year again for a cycling holiday and I would highly recommend it. It is not generally too hot, the roads are generally quieter, all the facilities of the island are still open and there are excellent deals to be had in terms of accommodation and flights. The clips below will give you an idea just how lovely it is out there at this time of year.