Over the last few years I've started to become pretty sick and tired of a lot of the "modern" ways of doing things.

I just hate telephoning a company and almost invariably not getting through to a person but just having to select from endless lists before finally getting cut off just as I think I'm getting somewhere.

I'm sick and tired of finally contacting an organisation only to find that the person I get through to can't deal with things, being given a promise that someone will be in touch, only to find that I hear nothing and have to start again.

I've had enough of sending emails into the ether to hear nothing for ages and to have to go through the whole procedure again or even worse to have to make that telephone call.... Select option 6..... Sorry, there is nobody available to take your call...

So I decided, where I could, to change things and to write letters. Yes, I type something out, print it, sign it, put it in an envelope with a stamp on it, post it and forget it. I even do this if all I want is the right person to contact me, it shifts the effort from me to "The Company".

It's been great, I find that almost invariably the right person gets back to me or the problem is just resolved without further contact and I hear no more. Going back to the old ways has really been a help to me, maybe it's just the novelty value of people receiving a hand signed letter, who knows, but it's worth a try.