X-Trail in to have battery changed as wrong one fitted before! Waited for free wash and Hoover which was fine, allowed me to catch up with my diary which had fallen a day behind, apart from a few quick notes I had made.

Car all sorted out which is good, hopefully no more visits to the garage for a little while. Milled another bag of rye flakes when I got home, always like to have a good batch in stock ready for use, don't know what I'd do without it now.

Arrived down at Woodhorn at 11:52, off down to see Eric. I think this red Giant bike I'm getting rid of is pretty damned Ok! Anyway, the decision to get rid of it has been made so it's off down to Newcastle with it. Spent some time with Eric which he seemed to appreciate. Tried to copy some old records onto a DVD using Eric's old music centre but it was a very clumsy setup and the outcome was really poor so I had to give up. I'm going to have to get a proper unit to do this and to record MP3s if I'm ever going to get all the old vinyl sorted out, yet another daunting task but one which does need doing.

The funny thing was that whilst I was trying to copy these records Eric was singing along to the music, he may not be able to remember what happened yesterday but he still knows the words of all the songs which is nice.

Lorena has gone off to Newcastle to met up with her sister, it's off down to The Cycle Hub for me. Got stuck it terrible traffic but arrived in the end. Spent a pleasant time at The Hub and attended to everything I had gone down there for, it will be interesting to see whether there is a market for any of the stuff I am getting rid of.

After leaving The Hub went into Newcastle for a few items and did finally end up buying a unit to produce MP3 files from vinyl records. I have no idea whether it will work OK but in the end you just have to take the plunge and hope for the best I think. No way of finding out if these things work unless you actually try them, all the reviews are very mixed for all these things. I reckon in the end it probably depends how picky you are, I'm not after ultra high fidelity, I'm just looking for a working file I can use so that I can get rid of the records themselves.

Back home in the end for a quiet evening. Lorena's day has gone well which is nice and I feel that I have got a lot of things done that have been hanging over me for some while. All good.

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Twitter Updated: September 27, 2014 at 09:46PM Sync problems with @postachio come and go but at the moment, for me at least, they are here to stay. Unable to sync to @evernote at all :-(

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