We set off early down to Woodhorn and got the grass cut and Lorena did the borders. Chatted to the nice guy from Woodhorn Mews who seems to think that his sister would like to live in Woodhorn and it sounds as if she and her husband might make good tenants given that we can't sell the place. Passed him my telephone number and we will see what happens, not holding my breath.

Back home for lunch, bought some crisps for Lorena on the way back. Both felt tired so we went and had a sleep and I slept for far too long and ended up having to rush to get my training done but at least I did it.

Lorena had cooked us a nice chicken dinner which we enjoyed and then it was couch time and time to watch the return of Downton Abbey which was good. So another day done and dusted and still on track with my training, I need to get some stuff ordered from Wiggle in time for Majorca, I'm going to go that tomorrow.

Heard back from Simon at ithlete and I think I'm on the right track with my data gathering. He seems clear that VT1 is a demarcation point between what causes HRV to reduce and what does not and I'm going to bear this in mind with my training.

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