Quiet day today. Got up quite late and felt pretty groggy but made a start trying to sort out my photos and video files from the sailing trip. It's a right pain in the backside using two cameras and trying to get the files sorted out and in order.

After much messing about I think I got all the files in the right places, resized and uploaded to Facebook, Flickr and Google+ so that's at least the still photos sorted out, just the video material to go now.

Been looking at the GoPro LCD backpack for the Hero3, looks really neat as a way of aiming the camera accurately. I reckon you could aim the camera and then leave a housing in position for the duration of some shoots and then just take the camera body in or out as required. An arrangement like that would work out really well on something like a sailing holiday so I am going to give buying one of those some serious thought.

Watched some TV this evening, probably the best thing we watched was a dramatisation of the Escape From Sobibor which was very moving. I just can't begin to understand how human beings can do the things they do or how those on the receiving end manage to somehow keep themselves together.

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Uh oh, it looks like your embed code is broken