Up a decent time and the loch was a perfectly flat calm with an impressively cloudy sky. Today's plan was to sail from Inveraray to Brodick on Arran but time and the weather were against us so we stopped in a little place called Lochranza.

By the time we arrived here there were no guest buoys available so we had to drop anchor which was a bit of a challenge as we were unsure whether the anchor was holding properly or whether it was dragging. Decided in the end that it was Ok but I guess we will find out in the morning, or before, whether that is correct! Glen has set his GPS anchor watcher for the first time and it's been interesting to see how that operates.

BBQ chicken and vegetable for dinner tonight which was nice and later on I found a stash of biscuits in one of the cupboards which was great, we are saved!

Lovely on the journey this morning to see two porpoises and also later a seal in the loch. I just love seeing this sort of thing and of course as I don't sail I have never seen this sort of thing very much, all part of the experience.

Did shoot some video today which should be Ok but this afternoon the weather was absolutely terrible. Talk about August, the weather here has been like the middle of winter, cold, windy and very very wet. Glen seemed to get a bit down about it today but he seems to have cheered up a bit now which is good.

Nice SMS exchange with Lorena who seems to be having a good time and has been out on her bike. She says the X-Trail has been sorted out with a new battery under the warranty thank God so hopefully that will have resolved one problem. David Hay's estimate for the trees at Mum's Cottage seems very high to me so I will have to get another quote from elsewhere and see what that comes in at.

So, a mixed day in terms of weather but again a day of different experiences and that is what counts. We covered 43 nautical miles in nine hours and 35 minutes so a long old haul in poor weather with winds that were far from favourable, so a job well done.