Pouring with rain this morning so I couldn’t be more pleased to be setting off for Majorca soon. Checked the current forecast for Majorca and as things stand it looks as if it’s likely to be generally warm and sunny with a few cloudy days but hell, I can cope with that! The plan for the holiday is to use it to properly launch a general return to fitness and generally use the time like a training camp, hoping to make better use of the health spa facilities at the place we go to which generally we haven’t really bothered with. That’s the plan anyway ;-)

Lorena and I once again today turned our minds to how we might end up with our tandem out in Majorca but so far we have pretty much drawn a blank. We had hoped that without it’s wheels it might fit in the back of the X-Trail but even then I’m almost certain it is too long. One final check needed but it’s looking as if it might not be a runner. Thought we could have delivered it out there when we go out late in 2015 on a road trip and we would have had it there then for future trips, still not completely given up on the idea!

Not looking bad out there is it!

Down another touch on the scales this morning so currently 3.5lbs down from my start point so just over a third of the way to my target which is good. Probably have a rest today from walking around especially with the rain so will lose a bit of ground but as long as the general trend is good that’s just fine by me.

Had some domestic matters to attend to today, first thing was to sort of out gas and electricity suppliers for the forthcoming year and to fix the prices. Did the groundwork for this not long ago so needed to just complete all the details. As is always the case getting through was not as easy as it should be so I had to resort to Twitter to get things moving. Finally got everything resolved and it does surprise me how often resorting to Twitter can at least register one’s feelings, SSE did at least get back to me:

Have now taken the Slideshare project about as far as I intend to and I have reached the point where I have a system I can use easily and quickly and that’s really all I need. I think that completes the set, I wanted to be able to embed slideshows, video, audio, and still images into my weblog and I can now do all those things quickly and conveniently so no point in continuing to tinker with things.

I have quite a few lectures from my working life available as Powerpoint files so I did wonder whether I might upload those to Slideshare for posterity but I’m not sure I can actually be bothered. Doubtful that anyone would actually be interested so probably not worthwhile! Work is history!

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Twitter Updated: October 04, 2014 at 12:14PM @SSE You position may be clear but that doesn't help your existing customers who are unable to get through to you on the telephone!

Twitter Updated: October 04, 2014 at 12:15PM Absolutely hopeless, again, trying to get through to @SSE on the telephone.