Plan today was to sail up to Inveraray up Loch Fyne, the loch itself is around 20 miles long and we will be covering pretty much the whole length of it. No need to leave early as the weather is set to improve later in the day so we hoped to make the most of it by leaving later.

Went out for a walk early on from West Loch Tarbert where we were staying over to East Loch Tarbert. Saw a small reconstruction of a Viking ship in the port, a reminder of days gone by when the Vikings passed this way. On the way saw a hooded crow which is the first time I've ever seen one of those, very impressive birds.

Few dilapidated fishing boats at the head of East Loch Tarbert, some old wrecks and an old jetty from where it seems they used to run nature cruises in years gone by. Sad to see how someone's dreams have gone to the dogs but I guess there is just no longer any demand at all.

Great sailing in the afternoon, much clearer weather and shot some clips which seem to be pretty good and I am sure will come together nicely when edited.

During our voyage this afternoon we saw a couple of seals very close to the boat, lovely creatures they are, also where we anchored a large fish surfaced which was a nice sight, a nicer sight than the massive jellyfish I spotted off the stern of the yacht.

It was 19:50 when we anchored in Inveraray after a good day. We had a imple meal of a baguette with butter, some olives, tinned fish and followed up with some fresh pineapple. Healthy or what?!

It's been a nice day, not sure what we are doing tomorrow but I hope the weather will be kind to us but you just never can tell. This is turning out to be a good trip, I'm enjoying myself.

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Facebook Updated: August 04, 2014 at 08:08AM Very grey morning here but hopefully weather should brighten up later in the day. Just a few rays of sunshine are enough to brighten up a video clip so fingers crossed!