Today’s fun and games kicked off with a nice 7 mile walk with a few hills thrown in so that got the exercise done for the day. Then it was off down to Ashington for various things, the first of which was a haircut at The Forum in readiness for the upcoming holiday. That done off to the bank for Eric and then to get a few bits and bobs from the shops. I hate going to the shops in Ashington, it’s all just so damned grim.

Onward from there to do some more grass cutting at the cottage and then to deliver Eric’s spending money which I sort out for the old chap. Spent a little time at Mum’s Cottage with Eric, nice for him to have some company even if it is just me!

Once home continued with my travails trying to get decent quality images in these SlideShare slideshows and I think I’m slowly getting there. Been experimenting with Powerpoint, Keynote, Preview and Automator trying to find the best approach to the various issues I’ve encountered. Currently think I will end up using either Keynote or Powerpoint but I’m not at the final decision point yet.

Work with is going pretty well now, things seem to have settled down and after all there is really no way back now after the work I have put into it. I did do a bit more experimenting with the “Pages" feature which is pretty neat and I will be fine tuning that side of things over the next few weeks.

Weight management still going in the right direction, pleased to say that I am now 3.2lbs down since my start date so already almost a third of the way towards my ten pound target. Dropped suddenly yesterday so that will almost certainly go into reverse in the next day or two!

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Facebook Updated: The Alnwick Clarinet Trio Listen to The Alnwick Clarinet Trio by LFieldBoden #np on #SoundCloud Made a few short sound recordings of The Alnwick Clarinet Trio this afternoon, I reckon SoundClod is a nice little system for this kind of thing.

Twitter Updated: October 03, 2014 at 12:57AM @postachio @SlideShare @Flickr I've done some experimenting, here's my output: Slideshow viewable on an iPad.