Set alarm for 07:00 and breakfast all done by around nine, seems to be taking longer for us to get going than I had expected, Glen is very laid back which is great.

Good breakfast of my rye porridge but I do need to get to bed earlier tonight. Having said that I slept very well last night and was warm and comfortable which was good, having some problems stopping eating which I am sure will be the pattern for the week, not likely to be good news on the scales when I get back but never mind.

Weather this morning was pretty mixed to say the least. Very little sun and quite a lot of rain and it's been damned cold. That said things picked up in the afternoon and we did get some short bursts of sun which allowed me to shoot a few trial video clips to see how things will pan out for the rest of the trip, things so far look good.

Left Kip Marina and headed SW passing Great Cumbrae Island and Little Cumbrae Island before passing the southern end of the Isle of Bute and then turning NW. Passed through the Inchmarnock Sound. Apparently Inchmarnock has in the past been used for commando training and is currently a private island run on an organic basis by the owner.

Crossing Inchmarnock Water in a NW direction we headed for East Loch Tarbert where we moored up for the night in the nice little marina. Been a great day, weather very mixed but with some excellent sailing in the afternoon. A quick look at my first trial video clips shows real promise and am hoping to get some memorable shots over the next few days which I hope will make a great record for us both to look back on.

Good dinner of chicken breast and vegetables from the freezer, pineapple for desert and a cup of coffee before bed! EEK! Did do some video conversions to have a look at my trial shots and if I can get some good camera angles sorted out I reckon I will end up with some really good material, whether I will go up the mast is quite another matter!

Earlier to bed tonight, turning in at 22:25, much better.

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Facebook Updated: August 03, 2014 at 10:59PM Well, that's me all bedded down in my bunk on the Caledonia, very warm and comfortable it is too. Have to be a bit careful when I get up that I don't crack my head but that's to be expected and my head is pretty solid anyway :-) I think it's good to be exposed to these different experiences and I'm very grateful to Glen for giving me this opportunity.

Facebook Updated: August 03, 2014 at 11:03PM Peering out of the little window in my aft cabin which looks out into the yacht cockpit I can see the wind generator. It's absolutely flying around, there must be one hell of a wind out there, certainly not what you would think you would get in August!

Here is Glen's log of the day, he sent it to me after he started getting into Evernote!

Hi Quentin, I've decided to transcribe my log from our sailing trip into Evernote. Attached is what I've done for the opening page together with a photo of our track of the first day’s passage. I might add supplementary bits of info that I can recall from memory once I've done the basic transcribing. I've done all the other historic log entries and attached the scans of the paper log to each particular dat and have also created tags for them. I'm guessing that I won't need to tag as many things with the logs I create from scratch on Evernote because the search will search on the words within the log entries. O, I've upgraded to premium too since I had reached my upload limit. I've changed the synch frequency to 15 mins instead of five minutes as I figure that the more frequent synching was contributing to my allocation of free space.

2014 08 03

Sunday Opening Log: 11,745.5 miles Opening Engine Hours: 2131.4 hours Crew: Glen Hogg (Skipper); Quentin Field-Boden Cruise Plan: From Kip towards East Loch Tarbert, towards Inveraray, towards Arran, towards Carrick Castle back to Kip. From: Kip To: Tarbert, east Loch Tarbert Distance: 29.2 miles Estimates time of passage: 5 hrs 50 mins Passage Notes: No tidal restrictions. HM Tel. No. at Tarbert 01880 820344

Forecast: Wind SW 3-4 becoming variable; Showers, Occ heavy rain; Smooth to slight Time of Departure: 1045 hrs ETA: 1700 hrs Phoned H/M for berthing enquiry. Berth available. Use Pontoon A any vacant berth. 1255 hrs - engine on - no wind. Speed back up to 4.9kts. 1410 hrs - sailing again on a beat up Lower Loch Fyne. 1730 hrs - arrived at Tarbert Marina. Wifi details: tha wifi Password: anchor 2018 or 2013 Cracking day's sail. Max speed 7.3 kts. 6hrs 52mins. 40.4 miles. Average speed 4.4kts. Closing Log: 00 miles Closing Engine Hours: 00 hours.