1959 - First B.C.F. National Road Race - Vintage Cycling

Unfortunately the very end of this recording is missing from the original material but the race was won by Bill Baty who provides the excellent and as always entertaining commentary on the event.

It is always sad to hear that riders had died or been injured whilst cycling. Bill mentions these things in his commentary as additional information but it's so sad to hear that some of these riders died whilst following their passion.

Great to see Ray Booty on the start line at 01:52.

1958 - B.L.R.C. Amateur RR - GB National Championships - Vintage Cycling

The last GB Championship road race organised by the British League of Racing Cyclists which was won by Bill Baty who provides the commentary on this video clip.

The race started from The Guildhall in High Wycombe which can be clearly identified in the early part of the video.

It must have been heartbreaking at the end to learn that not only the trophy but also the winner's prize had been stolen during the race!

1962 Tyneside Vagabonds CC Reliability Ride - Vintage Cycling

The next in this series of Vintage Cycling videos that is emerging from the darkness, the 1962 Tyneside Vagabonds reliability ride.

100+ miles through the hills of Northumberland back in 1960 in cotton trousers, shorts in some cases, wooly jumpers and for the most part no hats or gloves.

These were tough riders born in tough times and no matter what the conditions threw at them they were determined to have a good time, hats off to them!

1960 Tyneside Vagabonds CC Cyclo-cross - Vintage Cycling

Cyclo-cross as it used to be back in 1960. Riders wading through rivers throwing their bikes in before them, washing their bikes in the river at the finish, cleaning themselves in a mucky bowl of water and brewing up afterwards on a meths stove - this video has it all.

The wonderful commentary is provided by Bill Baty, himself a winner of the GB National Amateur RR Champs in 1958 and 1959. The races just aren't like this any more! I particularly loved the BarnesBurY CC catering arrangements shown at 20:14.

Calibrating a RacerMate CompuTrainer

There is I believe quite a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about the calibration of this cycle trainer. This in turn leads to riders not getting the best out of these devices and often not getting accurate and repeatable power data from them.

This short instructional video demonstration of a correct and repeatable calibration procedure is an effort to remedy this.

Flamingo Oasis Sunbed Dash - Benidorm

I don’t mind admitting it, I’ve never been to Benidorm but I do enjoy the comedy programme on the TV of the same name.

I saw this video posted on Facebook and I just had to keep a record of it for posterity. I just can’t imagine going on holiday and having to deal with this kind of thing, it’s like a zoo!

There is just no doubt at all that given the choice of having to go through this or staying at home in the garden it would be the garden for me every time.

ErgVideo Until October

I’ve mentioned before how effective I find the ErgVideo system to be for maintaining training consistency and having lost a lot of my fitness as a result of a torn medial medial meniscus in my right knee (see below) and the arthroscopic surgery that followed it’s now time to rebuild.

It’s really quite depressing how much fitness you lose and how quickly you lose it, coupled with that it’s far harder to get that fitness back as the years advance. However, one is essentially left with a choice, either get on with it and try to make improvements, or take to the couch, blame someone else and just get horribly unfit and probably die earlier.

All things considered I’ve decided to prepare myself a new ErgVideo Training Plan and follow that and see where it takes me, hopefully I will be able to at least make some improvements before we set off to Mallorca in a few months time.

The beauty of these plans is that once they are set up all you really have to do is turn on the system, calibrate the CompuTrainer and then once in ErgVideo select the day’s workout and it’s all ready to go with all the loads and timings pre-configured, it’s great!

Spent a bit of time configuring my plan earlier today and there is a sample of what it looks like below. In the real thing the links all work and you can just click on them and see the details of the session for the day, this is just a screen capture. Let me know if you want any more information! The really great thing is that you can ride with someone else of different fitness and all the CompuTrainer loads are scaled to the Functional Threshold Power of each rider, so everyone works equally hard and nobody gets left behind.

Cycling Team Sprint - Winning Margins

I thought after last night’s stunning win by Team GB in the team sprint at Rio 2016 that I would do a little calculation for future reference.

The winning time was 42.440 seconds and that was to complete three laps of the 250 metre Olympic Velodrome. That works out at roughly 63.618 kilometres per hour, or 17.67 metres per second.

17.67 metres per second means that the rider is travelling 1.767 metres in one tenth of a second and that is a pretty close approximation to the length of an average bike. So, to win by “only" one tenth of a second you are a full bike length ahead of your closest rival.

To put that into perspective let’s imagine that a team was beaten by a margin of two seconds, they would, in distance terms, be 20 x 1.767 = 35 METRES behind the winners!

The Yepp Cycle Bell

Lorena and I had a really brilliant cycling holiday over in Holland last week, We were blessed with beautiful sunshine throughout and it has been difficult to come home to constant rain.

Whilst over in Holland I noticed how effective their bicycle bells were in comparison with the ones we get over here in the UK and I couldn't resist trying one or two of them out as I walked past, no doubt they thought I was just another crazy foreigner!

Anyway, after a few tests I determined that the Yepp bicycle bell would be absolutely brilliant if fitted to our tandem out in Majorca. As luck would have it we broke a spoke in one of our rear wheels and ended up in a very friendly bicycle shop which sold exactly the bell I wanted. I couldn't resist buying it and I'm looking forward to fitting it on the tandem on our next trip, I think you'll agree it's a little beauty!

Google Photos Trial

This post is simply an experiment to see how the Evernote - Postachio system deals with links to Google Photo Albums 😃

Here is my first test.

The link to the album seems to work Ok but it would be so much better if the album or photo could be embedded in the same way that one can with Flickr photos and albums.

Have tweeted Postachio and hopefully some advice will be forthcoming in due course.