Know Your “” From Your ""

I've just wasted a load of time trying to get something to work only to find that the problem was being caused by typing “curly" double smart quote marks rather than "straight" double quote marks.

Changed this “ to this " and it worked. Lesson learned there but it's time I can never get back!

Blue Tits - Garden Feeder

Short video clip of a couple of blue tits feeding in the new feeder down at the cottage. The feeder is designed to allow these small birds to get at the food but to prevent other larger birds from getting in and taking the whole lot in minutes.

Simple pleasures, I get a lot of enjoyment out of feeding and watching these little fellows!

Great Tit - Peanut Feeder

You really do have to admire the tenacity of these little souls. This one spotted a bit of nut in the corner of the feeder that he really fancied and there was no way he was going to give up on it.

Plenty of pecking later did he give up or did he succeed?

Great Tits - Garden Feeding

Recently installed some garden feeders that provide a bit of protection for the food from larger birds such as jackdaws and magpies which otherwise nick everything.

Seem to have the desired effect and at least now the smaller birds are getting a chance, and a meal!

1958 - Beaumont Trophy - Vintage Cycling

The 1958 Beaumont Trophy Road Race starting in Gosforth and held over the hills of Northumberland and covering approximately 90 miles.

The race commentary is provided by Bill Baty of the The Velo club, Bill was the winner of many races during his career and a multiple National Champion, he also wins this race crossing the line with his younger brother Norman who took second.

Bill sadly passed away in 2015.

1959 - First B.C.F. National Road Race - Vintage Cycling

Unfortunately the very end of this recording is missing from the original material but the race was won by Bill Baty who provides the excellent and as always entertaining commentary on the event.

It is always sad to hear that riders had died or been injured whilst cycling. Bill mentions these things in his commentary as additional information but it's so sad to hear that some of these riders died whilst following their passion.

Great to see Ray Booty on the start line at 01:52.

1958 - B.L.R.C. Amateur RR - GB National Championships - Vintage Cycling

The last GB Championship road race organised by the British League of Racing Cyclists which was won by Bill Baty who provides the commentary on this video clip.

The race started from The Guildhall in High Wycombe which can be clearly identified in the early part of the video.

It must have been heartbreaking at the end to learn that not only the trophy but also the winner's prize had been stolen during the race!

1962 Tyneside Vagabonds CC Reliability Ride - Vintage Cycling

The next in this series of Vintage Cycling videos that is emerging from the darkness, the 1962 Tyneside Vagabonds reliability ride.

100+ miles through the hills of Northumberland back in 1960 in cotton trousers, shorts in some cases, wooly jumpers and for the most part no hats or gloves.

These were tough riders born in tough times and no matter what the conditions threw at them they were determined to have a good time, hats off to them!

1960 Tyneside Vagabonds CC Cyclo-cross - Vintage Cycling

Cyclo-cross as it used to be back in 1960. Riders wading through rivers throwing their bikes in before them, washing their bikes in the river at the finish, cleaning themselves in a mucky bowl of water and brewing up afterwards on a meths stove - this video has it all.

The wonderful commentary is provided by Bill Baty, himself a winner of the GB National Amateur RR Champs in 1958 and 1959. The races just aren't like this any more! I particularly loved the BarnesBurY CC catering arrangements shown at 20:14.

Calibrating a RacerMate CompuTrainer

There is I believe quite a lot of confusion and misunderstanding about the calibration of this cycle trainer. This in turn leads to riders not getting the best out of these devices and often not getting accurate and repeatable power data from them.

This short instructional video demonstration of a correct and repeatable calibration procedure is an effort to remedy this.