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04 May 2014

04 May 2014

The day got off to a very slow start, in the end I just didn’t fancy cycling on my own again and the skies were very grey with heavy cloud over the hills so we decided to just have an easy morning and then decide later what to do, this turned out for the best.

Ended up lazing about reading for an hour or so before, as usual, falling asleep for a spell which I always enjoy! Once we had woken up properly it was time for a spot of lunch which was the usual ham baguette with olives and mixed pickles which is really all you need out here at lunchtime.

We have, as is always the case, spent a lot of time agonising over the future and how to make the best of it during this holiday. I think we have pretty much decided now that what we will do in 2015, health permitting, is to come out here for 4 weeks in May and that we will try to somehow get the tandem out here beforehand as this would definitely give another dimension to the holiday and would make food shopping easier. I think we will come on a self catering basis and try to take advantage of the discount being offered by Gabriel Esteppa.

Anyway, after lunch we decided to walk over to the little cove at the far end of the Boquer Valley, I believe this is called the Cala Boquer. Lorena has walked over there many times but I’d never been down to the cove but it was well worth it, it was really lovely. Having make the effort to bring the SD700 camera out here it would be such a shame not to take advantage of it and with that and the tripod I think I shot some quite nice clips.

Lorena was asked by some folks to take some pictures of them and it seemed to go well, she has finally got the hang of getting the camera to focus rather than just pressing the button! :-)

Finally left the cove after about an hour of messing about and walked back to the hotel, the walk took us about an hour at a decent pace but certainly longer on the way out when I was taking pictures and video clips. Below is a clip of the Cala Boquer, what a lovely spot it is.

03 May 2014

3 May 2014

Nice start to the day and the sun shone for pretty much the whole of the day which was great. The wind got up quite a bit in the afternoon but that was no real problem but there was the usual headwind along the front coming from Alcudia.

Today’s route was pretty much the same as I’ve been following recently with the Femenia climb and then the short drag up to the garage before descending down into Inca. Was pretty surprised on my way up the Femenia climb to spot four skateboarders whizzing down the road. They looked to be enjoying themselves but there is no way that can be legal, as far as I know they don’t even have any proper brakes! Later in the ride I saw another oddity, a cyclist riding along and behind the cyclist, in the draught, was a chap going along the road on inline skates, quite a day for seeing strange things.

Bit of fun with a few cyclists, notably the pink and blue bunch (German) who I kept bumping into and who I seemed to tow around quite bit!

Back to The Duva in good time for a light lunch and Lorena and I took the Brompton Bikes out to Cala St Vicenc which was nice. Enjoyed a nice slice of cake and a coffee in the sun which is always welcome. Had lugged the SD700 camera and a tripod round there with me in a rucksack as I wanted to shoot some high resolution clips so I got on with that whilst Lorena enjoyed the sun. I look to have captured some quite nice clips of the cove (photo below) so it will be nice to put those together when I get home, lovely memories for the future. Nice spot this:

Never seen the blowhole in the cove there which made an excellent noise when the waves came in, hope I’ve managed to capture the sound on one of the video clips, I think I have.

02 May 2014

02 May 2014

Cloudy start to the day so planned to go out cycling this afternoon when it has cleared up a bit, this didn’t happen because it never really did clear up! Arranged to have a chat with Gabriel Esteppa later in the afternoon to see if we can come to any agreements about future holidays that might benefit us both.

Have almost finished reading the book I’m currently enjoying which is “From Lance To Landis" by David Walsh. The book is about the American doping controversy at the Tour de France and I’ve really been enjoying reading it. The details of what was going on during that era is really shocking. I was very interested to read the details about the Australian blood doping expert Mike Ashenden and his mention of the value of blood lactate levels at specific workloads being of value, which is exactly how I use them, to measure carbohydrate dependence!

Interesting also in the book how Mike Ashenden essentially demolished the publication by Ed Coyle about Lance Amstrong’s development and how he put all his improvements down to improved muscular efficiency, cadence etc. My, how Coyle was conned!

11:47:28 No WiFi at the Duva so far today so not been possible to check any emails, hard to complain about this when at the present time it is a free service. Lorena’s cold not getting any better, worse if anything, such a shame.

14:49:22 Decided to spend a bit of time out by the pool where I thought I might get a better Internet connection and Evernote finally seems to be syncing which is good. Want to try to get Lorena’s diary function up and sorted and can’t do it until I get this working, fingers crossed. In the meantime Lorena is out catching some rays which I’m hoping will help her cold, or at least take her mind off it. Damned sync seems to have stopped again :-( Not sure what Evernote thinks it’s downloading but it seems to be taking ages.

17:43:22 Good meeting with Gabriel Esteppa this afternoon. Looks as if he is prepared to offer us a 25% discount on the stay if we stop either for a 4 week block or for 2x2 week blocks in 2015. This looks as if it would work out at about €42 per day for the apartment and then extra for the evening meal. On the face of it this looks like a good deal as it would mean that the cost of a month out here in May 2015 would pretty much be covered by our normal living expenses and pocket money so we wouldn’t really notice too much of a cost for such a long holiday. This offer certainly seems worth careful consideration and Gabriel is going to put some details into an email for us to look over and we will just have to cost up the flights. Interesting times ahead.

18:23:06 Having a very frustrating time connecting to the hotel WiFi, just doesn’t seem to want to play ball at all, been trying on and off for most of the afternoon to no avail. I think it’s more frustrating to have a connection that sometimes works than a connection that just doesn’t work at all, at least with the latter you know where you stand!

01 May 2014

1 May 2014

Not cycling today so as it was a nice day Lorena and I decided to go out and make some video recordings which was good fun and I was pleased with the results. Showed the clips briefly to Gabriel Esteppa and he is keen to use the material to promote the hotel so that is excellent. Lorena makes an excellent Hitchcock in the video clips with her cameo appearances! Really pleased that Gabriel was pleased with the clips, nice to be able to do something for him, you just never know where this might lead to but if nothing else it’s brilliant that he is willing to store my bike AND the tandem if we want to bring it out here.

Walked down to the beach front and right into town, shot some clips of Tolo’s Bar and also the Galeon Hotel where Bradley Wiggins apparently stays when he is out here with his family, normally in August. Had sardines at Tolo’s which were very hard work to eat but an enjoyable time sitting on the front. Yummy!

Lorena has unfortunately got a cold which started yesterday.

30 April 2014

30 April 2014

Lorena is starting with a head cold :-(

Good ride again this morning, around 60 miles and started off up the Coll de Femenia. Don’t think I’m going to go much quicker up there at my current weight and FTP but at least I’m a little bit quicker than I was, took about a minute off yesterday’s time and there was quite a headwind in sections. Quite tricky on the descent as there were hundreds of cyclists making the climb and motorists, keen to get past them, were often on my side of the road as I descended, caution required.

Baguette for lunch and then Lorena and I had a nice outing on the Brompton Bikes. Rode out through the back lanes up to Pollensa Old Town and then back down to a cafe near Tolo’s (Tolo’s very busy) where we had some garlic bread and olives which was very tasty. Lorena’s back seems to be fine when riding the Brompton which is good, both bikes seem to be working fine and have survived another journey.

I think my weight is currently going up a bit but at least when we get home I now have the tools in place to get things under control.

29 April 2014

29 April 2014

Cycled up the usual route on the Soller road up over the Coll de Femenia. Cycled down through Selva and Inca and then back through Muro where I stopped to take a photo of what looks like the statue of a miner.

Had the usual baguette for lunch. Lorena tired so she went to sleep for a couple of hours whilst I read my book. Before we knew it once more it was time to get ready for dinner. Took a couple of selfies of the two of us using the X-Shot on the balcony just for the record :-)

Another nice dinner and so the show goes on!

28 April 2014

28 April 2014

Walked up to Pollensa Old Town where we stopped for a Cafe Con Leche and a slice of excellent almond cake. Stopped at Lidl for provisions on the way back and were surprised how much cheaper everything was when compared to the local supermarket, posted the details to Facebook but the bottom line is that things were about half the local prices. However, some alcohol free beer we bought turned out to be all cloudy and not worth drinking which was a shame having made the effort to carry it all the way home. It’s about a 40 minute walk from The Duva to Lidl.

Interested in the bread shelf arrangements in Lidl which prevent folks handling the bread before buying it, it was a bit like a fairground game but a very good idea, see photo. Quite different to the UK where folks get their mucky paws all over everything.

Spotted the place on the road out to Pollensa where those rather nice straw/reed umbrellas are made, the reeds are all laid out to dry on racks before being made into the sunshades and transported down to the beaches.

27 April 2014

27 April 2014

Nice sunny day and another 50-60 miles done, details again all on Strava if I need to refer back to the route. Passed through some nice bits of countryside near Maria de la Salut and took a snap of an old stone well which I thought was a nice shot.

A couple of German riders seemed a bit lost and were asking me the way to Sineu and I think I was able to help them, hopefully they will have arrived at their destination at some point!

Another nice day, spent the afternoon relaxing with Lorena and as always the food was excellent and then another early night.

26 April 2014

26 April 2014

Nice ride out this morning on a sunny day, just out through Sa Pobla and the like, the details of the ride are all available on Strava. In the afternoon Lorena and I set off to find the footpath over to Cala san Vicenc and Gabriel Esteppa kindly drew us a map which is attached. When out on my ride I was amused by a policeman in a small town with his gun not apparently policing anything other than a small plastic length of chain which didn’t seem to be doing anything, looked like a really cushy job to me!

Managed to find the route without too much trouble, some lovely properties overlooking the sea built into the cliffs. Strange large roads to nowhere up at the top which we found out later were built at a time when the area was going to be developed but the developments itself never happened. Spotted some young people up there on motorbikes and smoking marijuana, looks to be a local haunt.

There is a gate early on the route which is secured with a chain (photo) and Lorena and I both failed to solve the simple problem of lifting the chain to open the gate, opting instead to struggle to squeeze through a small gap, looks like both our mental faculties are deteriorating at the the same rate at least!

Didn’t walk right into CSV but turned back before the town itself as we didn't want to set back Lorena’s back at this early stage on the holiday as it was quite a climb back up to the top.

Rules and details about the gym at The Duva.

25 April 2014

25 April 2014

Early start, flew out to Palma with Jet2. Major hassle at the airport with the Brompton bikes as they appear not to have been paid for which resulted in a large surcharge, not a good start!

Plane was full of people going off on stag nights and hen nights so all pretty rowdy, note to self, do not fly this route on a Friday in the future if possible.

Good flight though quite a lot of turbulence on the approach to Palma but got down Ok.

More problems at the airport as the extra fees we had paid for the Bromptons apparently didn’t cover the transfer to the hotel so had to pay another €20 to get the bikes out there. definitely not the best journey but never mind, we got here in the end.

In the room that Roger and I shared and it’s nice to be back. Bike all seems Ok but I have managed to not bring my pedals which is a pain in the backside. Managed to get out to the bike shop and buy a pair of Look pedals and cleats which I shall keep out here. Pleased to have lugged the heavy Abus lock that I bought cheap in the UK out here as the bike will now be much more secure when I leave it out here in the future.

This is the restaurant card from The Duva that alows you to have whatever level of board you have paid for. I'd not be surprised if some people creep in at busy times!