The ErgVideo plan rolls on, this is a short summary of week 02 which has gone well, I'm actualy finding the plan quite interesting to follow and I'm enjoying the variety but it remains to be seen whether that continues as winter draws closer and the plan unfolds. This week saw a small increase in the overall TSS on last week (12) but the overall training time and the energy consumption for the week were both slightly down on week 01.

In terms of time spent in training zones the emphasis was on L3 training with a total of 02:15:56 being spent in this training zone which made up just over one third of the total training time. In comparison with week 01 the time spent in zones three to six were all higher than in week one so a slight shift to a generally higer intensity in terms of time spent in power zones.

A summary of the power and heart rate distributions by zones for this week is shown below:

Week three looks to be challenging, it includes two threshold sessions working at 100% of FTP as well as some other quite long sessions, hard work for so early in the programme, it will be interesting to see how I get on!