I fairly recently bought one of these units as it appeared to offer many attractive features in particular the "Large Camper" specific features, WiFi updates and a potentially useful smartphone application.

I have now been using the unit for a while and one particular problem (apparent deficiency) troubles me and that concerns the fact that the unit DOES NOT provide vehicle specific speed limit and speed limit warning information. Basically the unit will tell you the speed limits and warn you of them as if you are driving an ordinary car, even though you may well be driving a motorhome governed by completely different speed limits.

I have tried to get to the bottom of this, assuming that such an obviously important feature MUST exist and that I was doing something wrong but following lengthy communication with TomTom support these are my findings.

I am sorry to say that my fears have now been confirmed by TomTom Support (Call Ref: 180616-000397).

I can confirm that if you enter your vehicle dimensions the TomTom GO Camper WILL NOT take these into account when displaying speed limits and providing speed warnings so if this is important to you you should avoid this unit. The Garmin equivalent units (770 LMT-D or 660 LMT-D) do offer this functionality.

So, driving along a UK single carriageway road the National Speed Limit for a car is 60mph and the National Speed Limit for a large camper is 50mph. If you are using the TomTom GO Camper with the "Large Camper" settings enabled the speed limit and warnings displayed will be as for a car, 60mph, even though the speed limit for your vehicle is 50mph.

You can therefore drive along breaking the speed limit for your vehicle and you will receive no warning or indication of this fact from this unit.

I have now taken the decision to return this unit and accept a full refund and it is in the post to TomTom HQ. I would find this data inaccuracy annoying on an ongoing basis and have decided to continue with my Garmin 660 LMT-D. Additionally, and for no apparent reason, the TomTom has randomly crashed during use and has needed to be restarted, this had also happened to at least one other user known to me and this is not acceptable.