Back in August I went on a sailing trip with a friend of mine, a guy called Glen Hogg, who owns the yacht “Caledonia". The yacht is moored in Kip Marina on the West Coast of Scotland and the sailing in the area is excellent, though the weather can get pretty mixed.

Whilst on the trip I took the opportunity to shoot some video clips because Glen didn’t really have any video material and as he had been kind enough to invite me I thought it was the least I could do to cart some gear along and make a little record for him to enjoy now and in the future.

I’ve only recently got around to editing some of the material together and today I pulled some clips together from day five of the trip when we sailed from Brodick Bay on the Isle of Arran to Carrick Castle. This was a lovely day of sailing and I thought I’d just post the material here for the record, I may never get the opportunity to go on this kind of trip again!