Used the B17 Imperial for the third time today and the left hand side of the saddle continues to sag further. On the bright side I have received a positive response from Brooks to my FaceBook posting which I really can't argue with, what they have said is this:

"Handmade saddles are prone to something we like to call (ahem) "human error". therefore each saddle carries a two-year guarantee against defects in materials or manufacture. we can only offer our sincere apologies for your inconvenience and a replacement. please return this to your place of purchase or visit the "Brooks Forever" section of our website."

The problem now is that having checked the Wiggle website both the ladies and gents B17 Imperial saddles are out of stock so I have replied as follows to Brooks, we shall see how things develop:

"Hi Brooks England, you can't really say fairer than that, thank you for your response. I actually got in touch with Wiggle today who I bought the saddles from and I'm planning to return both of them because they are both asymmetrical, the hope is that they will be replaced but the ladies saddle was I believe the last one they had in stock when I ordered. Damn, I just checked their website and it looks as if both the gents and ladies B17 Imperial saddles are now out of stock on the website which is hugely depressing. Can you help with this so that I can get prompt replacements? I would have thought in the circumstances you could send me straight (factory checked) replacements directly and I could simply return my saddles to Wiggle for a refund?"