Many people have experienced problems with motorhome tyre inflation caused generally by the higher inflation pressures required and also in my case by problems of access to tyre valves caused by twin rear wheel configurations. I wanted to solve this problem and I wanted my solution to allow me to inflate and check tyres independently no matter where I am so I needed to be "garage independent" and for my inflation solution to be based on a portable 12V compressor.

Some while ago I purchased a RING RAC900 compressor which allowed me to inflate car and motorhome tyres to the required pressures (it inflates up to 100psi) and it provided me with a screw-on valve connection which also allowed controlled tyre deflation if that was required, here are some photos of the original RING RAC900 equipment.

Fig 1

Fig 2
The RING RAC900 is well built and has performed well, it connects directly to the battery using crocodile clips rather than the cigarette lighter socket style connection, this is because the compressor has a maximum amperage of 23A which is higher than many cigarette style sockets are rated for.

The screw-on valve connection is Ok for many requirements but I wanted to be able to use a twin hold-on style connector so that I could access the valves on my motorhome twin rear wheels and also wanted to be able to use a Euro style valve connector rather than fiddling around having to screw a connector on and off all the time. I wanted to be able to just quickly and securely clip onto the valve or use a hold-on connector.

I approached Pneumatic Components Ltd (PCL) who are based in Sheffield with my problem and found them extremely helpful. Talking it through with them the best option, to also allow me to continue to use the existing screw connection if I wished to, was to cut the existing black hose (Fig 2) at it's mid point and form a mini-coupling joint at that point. Once that was done further mini couplings could be aded to allow me to attach a new twin hold-on connector, a Euro style tyre valve connector OR my original screw-on connector.

I ordered up the required parts for the job and they were impressively delivered the following morning. Below is a list of the parts I ordered, I already had a roll of PTFE tape but apart from that this is the list of things needed to adapt the RING RAC900 to increase it's flexibility in use.

JC9512 JubileeĀ® Hose Clips Size 000 - 9.5-12 mm 1 Box of 10, only 2 needed.

C08T73 Euro Style Tyre Valve Connector x1

CO1A03 Twin Hold-on Tyre Valve Connector x1

AC11CM Mini Coupling Socket G 1/4 Male Thread x2

AA11CF Mini Adaptor Plug G 1/4 Female Thread x1

HC1205 Male Hose Tail Adaptor R 3/16 for 4.75mm (3/16") bore hose x2

AC11CF Mini Coupling Socket G 1/4 Female Thread x1

Having cut the black hose in Fig 2 at it's mid point and installed the hose tail adaptors (sealing the joints with the PTFE tape), mini coupling socket and mini adaptor plug I then had the arrangement below which allows me to connect whichever configuration I want to the RING RAC900 via the mini adaptor plug now shown installed on the right:

Fig 3

It was a simple matter to fit the required mini coupling sockets to the Euro style connector and the Twin hold-on connector and lo and behold I then had three valve connection options for my RING RAC900. This allows me to check and inflate my car or motorhome tyres no matter where I am without having to look for a tyre dealer with equipment that can inflate to the required pressures. The options look like this:

Fig 4

Fig 5

I've had the chance to test this system out and it works perfectly and delivers exactly what I require. I very much appreciate the generous and helpful advice and expertise provided by Owen at PCL, if you feel that this arrangement would help you then all the components required and listed above can easily be ordered on line at the PCL Online Store. This setup, for me at least, makes the RING RAC900 far more flexible and useful and the PCL products are of an excellent build quality.