I’ve mentioned before how effective I find the ErgVideo system to be for maintaining training consistency and having lost a lot of my fitness as a result of a torn medial medial meniscus in my right knee (see below) and the arthroscopic surgery that followed it’s now time to rebuild.

It’s really quite depressing how much fitness you lose and how quickly you lose it, coupled with that it’s far harder to get that fitness back as the years advance. However, one is essentially left with a choice, either get on with it and try to make improvements, or take to the couch, blame someone else and just get horribly unfit and probably die earlier.

All things considered I’ve decided to prepare myself a new ErgVideo Training Plan and follow that and see where it takes me, hopefully I will be able to at least make some improvements before we set off to Mallorca in a few months time.

The beauty of these plans is that once they are set up all you really have to do is turn on the system, calibrate the CompuTrainer and then once in ErgVideo select the day’s workout and it’s all ready to go with all the loads and timings pre-configured, it’s great!

Spent a bit of time configuring my plan earlier today and there is a sample of what it looks like below. In the real thing the links all work and you can just click on them and see the details of the session for the day, this is just a screen capture. Let me know if you want any more information! The really great thing is that you can ride with someone else of different fitness and all the CompuTrainer loads are scaled to the Functional Threshold Power of each rider, so everyone works equally hard and nobody gets left behind.