As you may have noted in my previous posting I have been trying to add Disqus commenting to this weblog without any success. I created a Disqus account and linked it to my weblog and it was showing up as “connected" exactly as it should do according to this video.

With great anticipation I reloaded the weblog and was mightily disappointed to see that nowhere amongst all the posts could I see anything that was going to allow a reader, if indeed there were any readers, to leave a comment. I’d failed, or so I thought.

Entirely by accident, when testing a link for some other reason, I saw that a comments box had miraculously appeared beneath the post I was reading, just as it should have done. What I hadn’t realised, and what I still don’t understand is that you only get the chance to comment if you have opened a single post from a link to that post alone rather than seeing a comments box beneath each post on a list of posts, as is the case on Blogger for example.

I’ve no idea why it works like this and I don’t know whether this can be changed but at least part of the mystery has been solved.

Stop Press! As of 02 October 2014 a "Comments" link has appeared as if by magic above the "Permalink" link on each weblog posting, clicking that opens up the Disqus comments dialogue box which is great. I guess this just took some time to filter through after the initial setup process so that's worth bearing in mind.

As of 7 October 2014 I have observed that the opportunity to comment, ie. the appearance of a comments link, seems to be time related in that the link appears some time after the original posting was made. I can only imagine that this is caused by some sort of delayed batch processing but that is pure speculation. This behaviour is only an issue if someone wishes to comment shortly after a post has been made and even then it can be overcome by opening the post permalink, though this will not be apparent to most visitors.