I'm now at the Freeman Road Hospital (FRH) in the ENT Day Treatment Centre where I'm undergoing the checks prior to my operation later today. Hopefully all will go well and I'll post an update once the surgery is over and let folks know of my experiences of the day.

The information and documentation provided prior to my arrival has been very comprehensive and there has been plenty of opportunity for me to ask any questions I may have had prior to getting to this point. I found the information booklet informative, clear and very useful. I think some of the information isa little out of date (time from operation to processor fitting for example) as techniques have evolved and improved since publication, I note that the document is scheduled for review in April 2014.

I like having a specific contact number to get directly through to one of the specialist members of the team rather than having to mess about with extensions and switchboards, I just hope I won't need to use it too much.