Still making steady progress, very much aware of the operation site but it's certainly no longer very uncomfortable but I'm sure that would not be the case if it was subjected to a bump of some sort. There is still noticeable swelling but at least the dressing and healing cap have remained intact which was my main objective between operation day and my appointment tomorrow.

Yes, tomorrow, a big day indeed. My appointment at Freeman Road Hospital (FRH) is in the early afternoon, I am anticipating that at the appointment the dressing and the healing cap will be removed. I think I might take a couple of paracetamol before going as I'm pretty sure that's not going to be that pleasant an experience but we shall see.

Once the dressing is off there will presumably be an assessment of the sate of play and most importantly an assessment of wound healing. If, and only if, the wound is adequately healed my understanding is that the sound processor will be fitted. I'm not sure whether they fit you with the permanent one that you will keep or whether it is a temporary one to try things out, I'll just have to see. If I do get to the point that the processor is fitted it will have to be tuned to my hearing and I'll then be able to see whether this whole process has been worthwhile.

It's hard really to explain how I feel at the moment. I've been almost completely deaf in my left ear for as long as I can remember and the idea of being able to hear in that ear after all this time is just very very difficult to comprehend, I hardly dare imagine that it might work. A large part of how I feel now is knowing that really this is it. If this fails I have nowhere else to go really and I'd just have to accept that the way I've been all these years is the way it's going to be.

Nothing else in the past has worked or helped and it has taken this long for this procedure to mature to the point it is now at and for it to be offered to me. I'd pretty much been consigned to the scrap heap in terms of my hearing impairment until that day months ago when a new specialist nurse appeared at my mastoid care appointment and asked if I'd been assessed. I remain in her debt for suggesting that this might be an option for me and for referring me to Mr Johnson.

In the end what will be will be tomorrow but I really really hope I benefit from what has been done. I think if there isn't a significant improvement I'll still feel that it will have been worth trying anyway, even if only because Id feel that I'd given myself the best shot and tried. What I'm really hoping against hope for is a life-changing result, it's only when I really think about it that I realise what a negative factor it's been all my life and I've just tried to compensate for it.