Not long now, I have to be at the Freeman Road Hospital (FRH) at 07:30 in the morning to go through all the checks etc. before my surgery to fit the titanium implant to my head to which the BAHA will eventually be fitted. Yesterday we took a photo of the area that the operation will take place in, just as a record as it will never look the same again, as you will see as these postings progress. This is the photo taken yesterday before my pre-surgery haircut:

I thought I should have my hair cut before the procedure even though the area of "interest" will be shaved to make things as clean and convenient as possible so I duly pottered off to my usual place this morning. This is what the surgeon, Mr Ian Johnson, will be presented with tomorrow, it's a strange feeling knowing that it will never be the same again!

I don't mind admitting that I'm feeling pretty apprehensive but in the grand scheme of things and in comparison with what many people endure it's small beer, but it does feel just a bit more than small beer when it's your own head that you are writing about!

Hopefully I'll be feeling pretty Ok by later on tomorrow and things will then have changed somewhat, I'll keep you posted, the story really begins right here.