The problems with syncing files to continue. It was taking ages to get things published first thing, it improved a bit later in the day but then deteriorated again and as I type this evening I have one post which has been sitting there unposted for about three hours which is just hopeless.

Been in touch with a guy from Australia who has similar problems so it's not just me which is at least a little bit reassuring. The whole thing is extremely frustrating because I like the system and it has great potential but these practical synchronisation problems cast a dark cloud over things.

Popped out to Lidl for a few bits of shopping, interested that they have now changed things and have started accepting credit cards rather than just debit cards so they must be doing well!

Big treat this evening, we decided to have fish and chips from Carlos in Alnwick and it was lovely. For the record the chip shop is open until 21:00 on a Sunday which surprised me. So it was fish a chips, followed by some Coronation Street and an episode of the new series of Downton Abbey, perfect :-)

This afternoon I did watch some of the men's World Road Race for the rainbow jersey which was won by Michal Kwiatkowski of Poland who broke away late in the race and crossed the line just a second or so from the chasers.

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Facebook Updated: September 28, 2014 at 10:11AM Placed an order for some Wiggle Hydration Tabs. Miles cheaper than the SIS and High5 versions and just how complicated can a zero calorie electrolyte tablet be? Got to be worth a punt, anyone tried the Wiggle gels?

Flickr Updated: 2014 @ The Cycle Hub - Brought to us from the people behind Saddle Skedaddle Cycling Holidays and The Cycle Centre, Byker - The Cycle Hub is a social enterprise that promotes and facilitates cycling, complete with bike hire facilities, cafe, bike shop and repair workshop. Some photos taken recently down at The Cycle Hub recently, excellent place to while away a little time.

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Facebook Updated: 2014 BikeServe Service - I wasn't familiar with this one until recently, I particularly like the collect and drop option. I'm attracted to the collect and drop option!

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Twitter Updated: September 28, 2014 at 08:40PM @postachio @tyabblemons Spoke too soon, same old sync problems back again, any idea how long users will have to tolerate this?