Messed about with the computer for most of the morning, the day in fact, whilst Lorena went out for a walk with Alison Slassor. Have decided to try to get all my blog posts off Blogger and into WordPress which I managed to do without too much trouble. My main aim was to then, with a great deal of fiddling, to get all my blog posts into Evernote using pretty much these instructions here. It all took quite a lot of messing about but I got there in the end. The fundamental steps were to export everything from Blogger and then import everything into WordPress, this step was needed as the Python script I planned to use would only read a Wordpress export. So, once in WordPress that was exported and that file read by the Python script. That script produced a number of .enex files which could be read by Evernote and the rest was relatively straightforward!

I’ve ended up with all my blog postings (apart fro some rubbish) in Evernote as individual notes which can now be easily be searched and accessed. The beauty of all this effort will I hope be that I can get all my material onto a blog which I can publish directly to using the material I have gathered together in Evernote and from my journal. This was all going pretty well until late last night when all the material that I had managed to get up onto suddenly disappeared which I am currently waiting a response on. Not the best of starts but we shall see what happens and how they respond.

As you can see below the work on HRV measurements continues and Simon has been pretty receptive to my ideas but we shall see if the system actually changes in response to my suggestions. he seems interested in using me a case study which might be interesting but these things often come to nothing.

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Facebook Updated: September 22, 2014 at 08:50PM Well, that's been quite a challenge, I've managed to get all the entries off my weblog going back to 2006 and into Evernote where everything is easily searched and readily available as a reference tool and auxiliary brain :-) Just means one less place to search for stuff and to maintain as time goes on. Anything new that gets posted to the blog automatically gets added to the day's Evernote journal entry now anyway. It's taken time but I guess most of one day in the grand scheme of things is a reasonable investment. Glad I've done it because I collected a lot of material on the weblog.