Been a much better day today, have managed to get out for a walk with Lorena, about four miles.

Spent quite a bit of time today scanning all Lorena’s Reiki coursework which is now all done and shredded and I’ve also scanned a number of cycling articles from the ABCC journals which I am going to get rid of. Once I had done all that I bit the bullet and removed all Lorena’s notebooks from my Evernote account and reinstated them into her own account. This was a bit of a pain to do but the whole thing is now so much neater with me having all the household stuff shared with Lorena and then just my own stuff in my account and all Lorena’s properly sorted out in her own account.

Couple of nice little moments on the walk this afternoon. Lorena spotted a tiny mouse in the grass which we helped on it’s way and then later we saw a small hedgehog pottering along the back road towards Denwick. Gave the hedgehog a gentle prod to make it curl up and then picked it up with a couple of sticks and put it safe in the bottom of the hedge. Enjoyed doing this and may well have saved the little soul’s life.

Watched a bit of TV late on but there wasn’t much on that I was bothered about.

PDF HRV report from Kubios Software available for download here:

Facebook Updated: September 14, 2014 at 10:42PM Very impressed with the ease of use of the Evernote .enex file export feature to move notes or groups of notes from one user to another. Made a task I wanted to do today a whole lot easier.