06:54 Up early as we fly home today. Plan is to be down for breakfast at 07:30 when they first start serving taking the Brompton Bicycles down with us and then we will take our cases down with us later. The bus collects us at 09:00 for the transfer to Palma so we are over the first hurdle by actually waking up in time! I discovered a new function on this iPad last night which allows it to be used as an alarm clock, can't believe how I missed it in the past but there you go.

08:27 Breakfast done and off down to get the coach to the airport. Beautiful morning out here but sadly we must leave, we WILL be back!

08:43 All packed up and shifted down to the foyer ready for blast-off in about 15 minutes. Just hoping for a good trip home, be glad when we have cleared the security etc. at the airport and are ready to fly. Sounds as if the weather back in the UK is a real treat at the moment so resuming my walking in Hulne Park is going to be a shed load of fun to be sure.

10:27 Finally through all the checks at Palma Airport, definitely one of the airports that I least enjoy passing through. I find the people on duty almost universally unhelpful and power crazed, simply repeating the same phrase more loudly in Spanish is never going to make it easier for me to understand, no matter how much I turn up the volume on my hearing aid. Speaking of the hearing aid I was amused to find on the coach that it actually works far better when switched on, yet another senior moment, no doubt many more still to come.

Make a mental note to make sure that I pack the "selfie stick" in my main luggage for the next trip as on this passage through the security desk it was that which caused the problem, it's just always something different.

I must be becoming one of those grumpy old men, it annoys me when someone grabs the front seat on the coach and then sleeps all the way to the destination when Lorena and I could have been enjoying the scenery and taking photos, PITA.

Thought for a while that we had got away without paying for the bikes to be transferred to the airport but we were grabbed when we got off the coach and had to fork out the required €20 but at least we were expecting it this time and hopefully that is the last of the fun and games for this journey, certainly hoping so.

Currently enjoying a bottle of Diet Coke in departure are A, should keep me awake for the rest of the journey :-)

16:20 Finally arrived home after a decent flight with no more hassle than is usual with these things. Popped to Sainsbury's for the essentials, my how the grass has grown since we left, if we went for a month we would have to get some sheep in!

Central heating started up OK, it's a lot cooler here than where we have come from, showers on the way back from the airport and about a 25mph wind blowing, no surprises on the weather front then.

Started up the home IT systems and everything so far seems to be working, long may that continue as I am going to need them to start planning the next trip :-)

17:05 Lets hope I have sorted out that little glitch vJournal for Evernote has been playing up in transit.

17:09 Not sure what is going on here, still trying to sort out he vJournal sync as it seems to keep creating a new day entry every time I upload a note, very irritating.

22:07 It's been a good day and it's nice to be home safe and sound though there is much to miss about Majorca. Lorena and I have had a simple meal this evening followed by some fruit and the plan is for our healthy eating regime, as followed before we went on holiday.

So, I will be going out for my walk in the morning in Hulne Park after just my porridge for breakfast rather than the multi-course affairs I have been enjoying. Seeing all the fat wobbly Brits on holiday was frankly pretty damned shocking and I am going to do everything in my power to avoid going down that route, just too ghastly to contemplate.