Time to go home. Spent what seemed like an age packing stuff into the car from the boat, cleaning out the toilet and fridge, scrubbing the decks down and generally doing all the things that will ensure that the boat is nice when Glen returns in one week's time.

The most exciting thing about getting ready to go home this morning was having to winch Glen up to the top of the mast because he needed to do some maintenance work up there. Have to say I felt a bit anxious about it as there didn't seem to be many safety measures in place. It worked out Ok in the end but I did share my concerns with Glen and he did seem to listen and to feel that my suggestions were perhaps sensible.

Weather windy but bright as there is a big storm on the way according to the weather forecast, I think it is the remnants of a storm called Bertha which is making it's way over the Atlantic Ocean towards us.

Eventually got ready to set off and it was sad to leave the boat behind and yet I was looking forward to be home again.

At the notorious bends on the A1 a lunatic overtaking almost took out the car in front of us but apart from that the journey was pretty uneventful though the scenery was lovely. Found that Glen and I share another interest, we both like using laminators!

All in all this has been an excellent trip and I'm definitely glad I made the effort and went. I feel I have made a good friend in Glen and I have found him to be kind and relaxing company. It would have been easy not to go but if I hadn't I doubt that the opportunity would have come my way again.