12:54 Well, I am sorry to say that the last training ride of this holiday is now over. Just come down from my last climb of my friend the Coll de Femenia and today we have to pack ready to travel home tomorrow. I don't mind admitting that I don't want to go home, at least we both know that we could very easily enjoy a month here without getting bored at all, not missed the TV one little bit.

Lorena has just returned and informed me that her walk turned into the "PlumGate" drama of the holiday, I'll not go into any detail but the combination of figs and plums appears to have taken it's toll. Hee hee :-)

17:11 Well, everything is now packed away and most of the packing for travel has been done. Even with a bike here it's quite a performance but I now have a much better list for the Duva storage box done and the bike is well locked up. I must not forget to bring the ABUS bike lock keys with me next time I am here or I will be in a right mess.

It is definitely very sad to be leaving, this is our last evening here for a while, maybe until next year which is not a nice thought at all. I can see that Lorena is very sad about it all so we must make a real effort to get the tandem over here so that these trips are still more enjoyable for her, this is a priority. My current thought is to get the tandem out here in September so that we can have it here for two trips next year as that would make it worthwhile Lorena coming on the TVCC trip in April 2015.

Still, no work to go back to so Lorena and I must maintain our momentum and continue to make the very best of every day we have.

20:35 Sadly our holiday is now all but over. We have enjoyed our last dinner at the Duva for a little while and we both feel the same, we just want our holiday here to continue. We are being collected from the hotel at nine in the morning so the flight will be at about noon, we should be home mid afternoon if all goes well, no doubt to be greeted by grey skies and probably rain to go with them. Walked to have one final look at the pool before we leave, neither of us can really see it being a year before we are back here, let's just hope all goes well with the sale of the cottage, if that come off I can see us being back here for a month in October.

Our flight number is LS532 and I've just checked and we are scheduled to take off at 12:25 so yes, mid afternoon should see us home. When I was out here with the TVCC Austin Willcock referred to my cycling style as "languid" and I have never really known exactly what it meant. Looked it up this evening and in this context it seems to mean "apparently without effort" or something along those lines so I'm going to take that as a compliment, thanks Austin :-)

Damn, forgot to put Assos Cream in the Duva box, that means I'd better update the list to make sure I bring it out with me next time I'm out here.

20:47 I noticed on Strava that once you have uploaded a file to your account you can then also download that ride as a .gpx file. This means, in theory at least, that any ride I have uploaded to Strava I can get a .gpx file for and then convert that to a course to ride on the VELOtron.