Lovely sunny day when we woke up and we enjoyed breakfast out in the cockpit which was great. Plan today is to sail from Brodick to Carrick Castle in Loch Goil off Loch Long.

Generally excellent sailing today and we made good steady progres with the wind directly behind us for the most part which meant we had to sail with the sails in a gull-wing configuration which required a lot of concentration.

Quite a lot of traffic around which resulted in AIS alarms being triggered at regular intervals and having to be checked and cancelled so up and down the steps many many times!

We passed, and gave a wide berth to, the nuclear submarine arming base of Loch Long. I couldn't help feeling a bit intimidated by the place knowing what it's purpose is. Knowing what destruction could be unleashed from there is actually pretty scary but I suppose it does provide us with a degree of security that we wouldn't otherwise enjoy.

Had an excellent dinner of scrambled eggs with smoked salmon on rye bread with sliced tomatoes and followed this with some melon which needed finishing off. All in all an excellent meal which we both enjoyed.

Almost forgot to mention that we saw a small group of seals lying in the sun as we approached our destination this evening, they looked really lovely and very content and happy. We anchored just offshore from Carrick Castle which is a spectacularly beautiful spot, not been anywhere quite like it that I can remember. Planned to go ashore but just before we left a squall came in which put a stop to that plan though in all honestly it was too late to be doing that.

Holiday coming to an end soon and it will be nice to go home but this is and has been a memorable trip. I'm pleased we have a little more sailing to do and I'm very grateful to Glen for giving me this opportunity, it's been great.