Well this is a new development, I have tried to streamline my diary keeping my adding this little application called Journal For Evernote which allows you to keep adding little jottings which it then organises into one note for you each day in a notebook called Journal. It looks as if you can also add photographs and locations so this might be quite a fun little application to use though I don't know whether you need to have an Internet connection all the time because if I do it will be useless! We shall see how it goes, only time will tell.

Interesting, I've just created my first diary entry with this application and it seems to have just gone off into a black hole! I've synchronised by iPad but a notebook called Journal doesn't seem to have been created so maybe that's something that happens at the end of the day? Seems weird if that is the case because it means that I can't see my diary until the end of the day which does seem a little daft. I'll continue with the experiment.

Yes, this is going to be absolutely great! These notes are now appearing nicely formatted in Evernote and this will be a really simple way of making very quick notes as we go along and the rest can happen in the background and tags, scanned documents, photos etc. can all be added later in Evernote if required. Lorena and I have just had a good laugh about how on this holiday we have managed to get diary keeping down to a fine art without actually doing anything, brilliant!

Lovely sunny day with the temperature on the low twenties, perfect. Walked out to Pro Bike Hire to discuss the possibility of having a compact chain set fitted to the Giant along with a general service and cassette and chain replacement and Mark (who I thought was Bruce!) couldn't have been more helpful. Will just have to let them know when I am over in September/October and they will do it for me using my own parts which I will order from Wiggle and have delivered to The Duva before I come out, this looks as if it will work out very nicely. As an update to this I made all my arrangements and duly turned up to be told that things had changed and they couldn’t do the work, I’ll not be going back there again.

Lovely walk along the sea front toward The Pine Walk, took quite a few photos along the way and stopped for the usual ice cream, this really is a very relaxed way to spend time and I keep having to pinch myself that when the holiday is over there is no going back to work, it's just like a dream.

Popped into the Eroski Centre supermarket and stocked up on Diet Coke and 0% alcohol beer for the next few days and then made our way back to the apartment for the usual very relaxing lunch! Lorena is planning to do some sunbathing this afternoon but I'll not be bothering, too warm for that and it will only fade anyway :-)

Walking back through the gardens of the apartment spotted a snake in the water feature pools but was too slow with the camera and it sloped off beneath the surface from the spot it was sunbathing in. No idea what sort of snake it was, nothing to worry about I'm sure.

Well, I thought I might as well try to work things out whilst I'm here and I think I can order all the parts I need for the bike alterations (fitting compact etc.) for delivery to The Duva for about £170 which is considerably less than I thought. That's the 6750 HollowTech II compact crankset, a new chain and a 12-25 cassette which I think will be fine for here. So, if the work/service comes to less than £30 that will be the bike sorted out for a few years, almost as good as new :-) Will keep the standard crankset and the current cassette out here in the box as spares. Great thing is that delivery out here is free with Wiggle!

Rounded off the day by trying San Miguel alcohol free lager for the first time and VERY nice it was too. Smoother taste than the Buckler 0% that we have been having that is sold down at Tolo's and definitely one to keep an eye open for.